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2020-03-12: Market Meteor-Cratering Even After $1 Trillion Federal Reserve Shotgun Blast

the Fed pumped over a _trillion_ dollars into overnight repo loans between the biggest Wall Street banks today (Black Thursday) but it wasn't enough to keep far-overvalued and debt-leveraged stocks from freefalling into an unknown depth abyss.

Where is the bottom?

stay tuned

and, keep watching the debt market (which is a big part of the Fed's attempted repo injection maneuver today)...
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What you are seeing now is just the Opening Act of what's coming 12.Mar.2020 15:10



Fed pumped $300 billion JUST THIS AFTERNOON to provide Wall Street bank liquidity (and prevent credit freeze)
announced $1.5 TRILLION "asset purchase program"

Expanding the Debt on an Epic scale. With virtual "money" created on a computer screen.

Don't you dare call it 'quantitative easing' (QE) though.