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The most expensive virus money can buy

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Heres a new one:  https://nomadiceveryman.blogspot.com/2020/03/cnn-calls-covid-19-pandemic-cus-guy-on.html
CNN Calls COVID-19 a PANDEMIC! Cus Guy on Big Pharma Payroll Told Em To
(A guy who gets paid by Big Pharma to push vaccines all day long says it's a pandemic. What more proof do you need? Of course, CNN forgets to tell you that part.)

email quote circulating on COVID19 vs influenza... 10.Mar.2020 00:59

Election-Year Disease

This is from a friend who is a research doctor at a major medical school:

OK, I had hoped to avoid this, but for every person who claims that my numbers are wrong, that influenza mortality is <1%
I'm just going to laugh, point, insult you, call you unflattering terms and set you up as an example of someone who can't READ, can't THINK, and is being led around by the nose.

So, here's my source for the *WORLDWIDE* 10% mortality from influenza - The World Health Organization ( https://www.who.int//fact-shee/detail/influenza-(seasonal)

From the website: "Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 290 000 to 650 000 respiratory deaths."

Now, I've had lots of people cite the CDC website ( https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html), and while that's a great site, frankly, YOU ARE ALL READING IT WRONG!

First - CDC is US numbers, not worldwide. WHO numbers are worldwide, and they they are balanced by countries with poor reporting and places with poor sanitation and medicine creating higher mortality.

So yeah, US influenza has a lower mortality rate... but it still approximates around 1/10 of SERIOUS influenza resulting in death.

BTW, with COVID19, the worldwide "confirmed cases" requires a medical diagnosis and blood test indicating one of the biomarkers of nCoV. So the ONLY comparable stat between COVID19 and Influenza is CONFIRMED MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS!

So let's unpack those CDC numbers. For 2017-2018 flu season *U.S.* we saw
SYMPTOMATIC ILLNESS: 45,000,000 (95% confidence limits: 39,000,000 58,000,000)
MEDICAL VISITS: 21,000,000 (95% confidence limits: 18,000,000 27,000,000)
HOSPITALIZATIONS: 810,000 (95% confidence limits: 620,000 1,400,000)
DEATHS: 61,000 (95% confidence limits: 46,000 95,000)

SYMPTOMATIC ILLNESS is a computer-generated estimate based on people self-reporting one or more of the following symptoms: fever/chills, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and pains, joint aches and pain, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose. Note that vomiting and diarrhea are RARE in adults.

Note - this includes "Oh I don't feel well, I must have the flu," [MAYBE, but see all of the symptoms]; "There's some stomach bug going around - must be the flu," [FALSE, this is gastroenteritis]; "I have a cough and sneezing, must be the flu" [FALSE, this is usually rhinovirus or sinusitis]; "I've felt this coming on for days," [FALSE, Flu onset is sudden, not gradual]; "I just had my flu shot and now I feel run down," [MAYBE, but probably the immune reaction and NOT the flu itself]

- to -

"I woke up this morning and just CAN'T get out of bed. I was fine yesterday, but now my muscles and joints hurt so much even my skin hurts. I have chills and fever, a cough, sore throat and a POUNDING headache. I've got to go to the doctor... but don't want to move."

Now we verge on the MEDICAL VISITS - again, all of the above may result in a doctor visit, but only if the doc (or hospital) does a serotype test that shows Influenza A, B, or C virus, is it a CONFIRMED CASE of Influenza.

OF CONFIRMED CASES, there is a 6.7 to 7.5% mortality IN THE U.S. The WHO says ~10% worldwide. 290k/3 mil = 9.7% lower bound, and 650k/5 mil = 13% upper bound.

Now, again, when talking about COVID19 cases and mortality, we MUST COMPARE CONFIRMED CASES and deaths. Here's what WHO and various sources ( https://virusncov.com/) says TODAY:

Globally 114,421 confirmed, 4,027 deaths. That's a 3.5% mortality rate based on using the SAME CRITERIA as for flu: deaths per CONFIRMED cases.

BTW, 68,108 of those cases are CLOSED - there's 64,081 people who have RECOVERED and subsequently discharged and sent home. There are only 46,313 active cases, and 88% (40,542) are reported as MILD symptoms.


So, basically, for everyone out there who wants to dispute my numbers and sources:

(2) Show me your credentials (MD, PhD, DO, CDC statistician) to support you not reading it wrong.

OTHERWISE - I will laugh at you, point, call you names, and generally tell the world that you can't read, can't count, can't think for yourself, and instead are fearmongering based on what someone else told you to think.

data I've seen on total cases finished (recovery vs. dead) is higher 11.Mar.2020 16:58

Eddie splashconception@gmail.com

According to real time data on worldometer the death rate seems to be holding steady at 6 percent of completed cases. Now I am not sure which influenza you are talking about but I assume it was the Spanish Flu which according to CDC estimates had a 10 percent death rate, infected 500 million and killed 50 million, other estimates put it somewhere in the range of 5 to 10 percent and judging by the number of graves dedicated to the Spanish Flu in my hometown I'd say the higher number is probably more correct. The 6 percent death rate is especially uniform among places with a larger population of elders (see Italy) or a place whose medical system has been overwhelmed, in which, according to one health worker in Italy, "ventilators become gold." I imagine I don't need to unpack that for anyone as it is easy to deduce what it means. And if you smoke, well now is the best time quit ever. Over Twice (I think its something like 2 1/2 times as many). And a 12 percent critical rate is pretty bad if you are talking about a single city like Wuhan that has had last time I checked which was a few days ago, well over 80,000 people infected...you are talking about over 8,000 people who probably need some kind of artificial respiration as critical in this case means pneumonia in both lungs due to a cytokines storm which creates a massive influx of fighter T cells and pro-inflamatory factors, damaging both organs and lungs, just the massive influx alone is enough to make you 6 times more like to suffer a stroke or heartache if you have normal health. as many men as women have died in China...contributing factor-50 percent of Chinese men smoke, 2 percent of Chinese women do. You can say that is just a coincidence but do you really believe that? Right now the Italy numbers are similar if you look on worldometer. 12,000+ cases, 1,000+ critical, 800 dead. That is a higher than 3 percent death rate.