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blues, why is putin banning gay marriage

blues, why is putin banning gay marriage
i thought russia was a great progressive country


Russia is an inconsequential Dirtbag nation state far out of its lane 04.Mar.2020 13:45


Russia's GDP is less than that of the U.S. state of California. Their less-powerful-than-China's military consists of dilapidated broken-down former Warsaw Pact materiel with nuclear devices that need to be disposed of tout de suite.

who drives Russian cars? Anyone use Russian-manufactured electronic devices?

'Russia' is a mythical name-meme for the current Russian Republic which is headed up by a corrupt tinpot dictator. i.e. the name 'Russia' has nothing to do with the Russia of historical time, with the former U.S.S.R. or anything in Russian culture.

the last thing anyone, on the face of _ _ _'s green Earth, should be paying attention to is that pathetic Loser state's policy on same sex marriages.

That is not fair 04.Mar.2020 13:57

Mike Novack

Imagine me writing something defending Blues ......... but thee is really a larger, more important aspect to this.

Nor do I consider Putin "progressive"

HOWEVER, our expectations of "intersectionalism" have become insane. Or perhaps an expression of ideology that is quasi-religious faith.

There is NO good reason to expect a person who is progressive on issue A, issue B, issue C, etc. to necessarily be "progressive" om issue X. Likewise there is NO good reason to expect a person conservative/reactionary on issue A, issue B, issue C, etc. to necessarily be so on issue X.

(RE: ^ Mike Novack) 'Intersectionality': Set Theory of the Left 04.Mar.2020 14:00

author: Haydar Khan 14.Sep.2018 03:00


Intersectionality, far from having an inclusionary effect, actually excludes many, many people due to characteristics in them judged unwelcome. Intersectionality as a political strategy thus thwarts the objective of forming a large enough coalition capable of winning and effectively wielding political power.

Why is this idea of intersectionality, which is logically flawed on its face, so prevalent among various leftist factions and "progressives"? There are two likely possibilities, in my view:

1) The Left is being deliberately fractured by government and corporate policies or

2) The Left is exhibiting a sort of schizophrenic break with reality induced by both a perpetual inability to obtain economic and social relief from neoliberalism and the election of Donald Trump.

For example, a common refrain among the intersectionalist left is that Trump won the 2016 election due to the racism of white people, working-class whites in particular, and therefore the set we call working-class whites has nothing to bring to the intersection, so to speak. It can be ignored as a potential ally in the struggle against neoliberalism. However, the set of all working-class white people is not the same as what we find at the intersection of the set of working-class white people and the set of racists. By conflating the two sets, the intersectionalists are

1) excluding a large set of people that have been crushed by neoliberalism and

2) committing themselves to a much diminished coalition.

A simpler way? << for those with math >> 04.Mar.2020 18:31

Mike Novack

The "intersectionalists" confuse the set theory notions of "intersection" and "union"

However, Haydab Khan, not limited to the "left". Though those on the right might not use the term, but many there are subject to the same confusion. Thus seeing two "left" ideologies have some areas of intersection, likely to conclude the two ideologies are the same thing. Though they may, of course, be enemies.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.

Two groups having an area of intersection MAY become allies based upon that shared interest. But not if in other areas they are opposed. The fact of intersection in some area is not a guarantee that they are not opposed elsewhere. They might also be able to be temporary allies, or at least allies on THIS (shared) issue, agreeing to =defer dealing with their disagreements till later.

no this is for blues 05.Mar.2020 15:40



really he cant get enough of the greatness of mother russia

"Things for Russians are getting better every day. Even gay people are not persecuted (they just are prohibited to counsel gaydom to small kids). "