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Die for Wall Street

So who wants to get Covid19 because Trump placed more value on the stock market than human life today? Kill the rich because they are trying to kill you! Stop working and go home you are putting everyone in danger!
So who wants to get Covid19 because Trump placed more value on the stock market than human life today? Kill the rich because they are trying to kill you! Stop working and go home you are putting everyone in danger!

take it easy on trump 02.Mar.2020 10:19


our resident expert will be here soon to explain how this is not trumps fault it is actually somehow a clinton/obama thing and also maybe someone will chime in about simple score voting

RE: " Trump placed more value on the stock market " — 03.Mar.2020 00:04


Trump is a mere pawn of the Federal Reserve, btw he has increased deficit spending by Orders Of Magnitude greater than his record-setting White House predecessor.

Trump has advocated for Negative interest rates. Great thing for people in Europe (who already have negative interest rates) huh? And negative interest rates R' gonna be MAGA for the U.S. dollar too (Not).

without the Fed's multi-billion $$$ injections per week into the bond market and to WS banks (to keep liquidity) via the overnight repo loans, the economy and our transactions/credit would FREEZE instantly.

U.S. and global economy is in free-fall collapse and would be a deflated balloon (with you-n-me plunging to earth in its gondola) without the Fed's and global central banks' fiat currency "Don't Call It Quantitative Easing" perma-constant bailouts.

Read HERE :
MAIN LINK with all reference URLs ---->  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2020/02/438222.shtml#465840
* US Federal Reserve Starts "Quantitative Easing Forever"
* Obama And Trump: The Two Best Friends The Fed Has Ever Had

the only reason the stock market matters to Trump, is so that he can say (couple times per day or more) :

" Look! Look at the stock market! Our economy is booming! "

oh and btw if the economy does totally crash by October-November 2020 he may not get reelected
Right now, the stock market _IS_ 'the economy' (even though, of course, it is _not_) especially to DT

WATCH THIS VIDEO prior to making any more comments on the economy (along with Trump or any politician's role in it) :

(Financialization documentary) The Money Deluge

et voilà, speak of the Devil etc. — 03.Mar.2020 07:28


#BREAKING US Federal Reserve cuts key interest rate half point to 1-1.25% range


AFP news agency (@AFP) March 3, 2020

50 basis points Fed emergency rate cut @Fed Funds: 1.58% = -31%. 03.Mar.2020 16:56


A 50bps emergency rate cut when the effective federal funds rate is 1.58% is ?

a 50/158 = -31% change

Lol, and Trump wants negative rates. More debt (exactly as Fed does). When the economy is "BOOMING"...

market still down again today. Of course, because none of this has anything whatsoever to do with 'coronavirus' but is solely and only to do with *DEBT* and fiat currency quantitative-"eased" debt issuance (<--as futile attempt to blow hot air into the collapsing balloon that is the global economy and its 'cash flow').

watch GM, today :

Addendum : DT lets his 'theory', reasoning-explanation be known — 03.Mar.2020 21:34


The Federal Reserve is [sic]cuting but must further ease and, most importantly, come into line with other countries/competitors. We are not playing on a level field. Not fair to USA. It is finally time for the Federal Reserve to LEAD. More easing and cutting!
Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 3, 2020


ok, so you see ^ where he says (yet again as before) "more easing and cutting" —
i.e. more Quantitative Easing bailouts of the WS banks hundreds-of-billions-of-$$$-per-week, cuts in rates, Negative interest rates :

"into line with other countries/competitors"
"We are not playing on a level field"
"Not fair to USA" — Lol, Trump is actually so delusional that, he actually thinks:

--> "Hey the Europeans have Negative rates why can't _we_ ?"
( akin to his reasoning-philosophy, "China has been ripping us off for decades," etc. )

or (...even if he doesn't ? happen think ^ that) he is Tweeting it out to make it seem as though, that is the "reason" he favors rate cuts, negative rates, etc.
Because it makes USA 'equal' to the Screw-Job that is being given raw to Europeans et al.

In addition of course to his 100%-in-line-with-Federal-Reserve economic policy recommendations.

Rate _cuts_???!? in a "BOOMING" economy? Lol.
if the Fed knew they were assisting a "booming" economy they would have --> *HIKED* interest rates.

the cut in rates by the Fed, is a vote of No Confidence to the purported economic 'boom' (that Trump keeps insisting we are all in, keeps pointing "look at the stock market!!11!!1!!" ....)

Addendum 2 : DT thus appears to have changed philosophies on interest rates — 04.Mar.2020 01:48


Here's what he said or implied (consistently and repeatedly) at 2016 campaign stops about the Federal Reserve, rates, savings and financial health of the economy :

"And you know the people who are hurt the most are people that saved all their lives, and thought they were going to live off the interest. Those people are getting absolutely creamed."

"The ones who did it right — they saved their money [and] they cut down on their mortgages ... and now they're practically getting zero interest on the money. Those people have really been -- you could almost say discriminated against."

"I love low interest rates, but for the good of the nation, rates should be higher. If I refinance something, I can get money for almost nothing... I don't think it is going to happen... because [Obama] wants to play golf for the rest of his life after January."

Now that he's President of course he toes the Federal Reserve / global fiat currency central bank line, advocates for negative interest rates, asks the Fed to drop rates so that the > "stock market keeps going higher!" < etc.

a recent right wing article Titled it succinctly — 04.Mar.2020 02:18


Trump Can't Be Both The President Of Growth And The President Of Debt
( wouldn't recommend but, reference link if curious --->  https://www.conservativereview.com/news/trump-cant-president-growth-president-debt/ )


but again, what it comes down to in broad non-political terms is :

* Trump in his 2016 campaign ran on "let's not keep interest rates at-near Zero artificially", "Obama is presiding over a fake / fake-growth economy", "Fed needs to raise rates" etc. rhetoric.
Well, now Trump has officially taken Obama's place in this regard.

yea sure a certain 'enthusiasm' has taken place in the "stock market !11!!!1!!" since Trump's election....... but _that_ is all fake i.e. it's on the back of vastly-expanded debt issuance, deficit spending (Trump has outspent Obama by orders of magnitude) and the kept-from-demise-by-Federal-Reserve-infusions-and-buying-up debt/bond market <--which is a collapse-imminent zombie on its deathbed at this point.

Also, U.S. economic indicators since about the middle of Obama's 2 terms (circa 2012-13) have been stagnant or in moderate to precipitous decline.

Fair value of the stock market is approximately one-third to one-half (or less) its current valuations based on the analyses and observations of many financial experts : particularly when considering global debt, debt issuance via fiat currency, and the post-2008 global economic scenario.

Never in human history has debt been this inflated, 'bubbled' or arched across the global population as right now. Far beyond what precipitated the 2008 crisis (and absolutely _none_ of those issues in the Wall Street / SEC / global finance / central bank fiat currency systems were ever "fixed" or repaired — intentionally so).

world is absolutely in an economic/financial Twilight Zone, Wile E. Coyote no man's land right at this exact moment. Don't look down.