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Alex Jones to run for President 2020 Under new infowar party

Alex Jones makes bid at White House with running mate Urinski 2020.Alex Jones famed and respected news anchor. States He can run the USA far better than any of the current inept canadates . Jones states with Urinski as running mate the 2020 election is in the bag.
Media news star Jones ans Urinski
Media news star Jones ans Urinski
Urinski to use one billion USD for campaign ads. With Jones with well over 80 million viewers who see him as the only truth in news today. Election expert Swenson states They have a real chance. The team up is expected to take no less than 30% of the liberal Demacratic vote do to online popularity. That added to His Consevitive fan base. Polls show They could take 56 % of the popular vote.

respected?? 23.Feb.2020 14:25



jones is CIA 19.Mar.2020 23:58


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