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NBC's Chris Mathews Is The New Joe McCarthy

Is he a legitimate "Newsman" or just another freakin' TROLL?
Even before Bernie Sanders walked away with the Nevada Democratic State Caucus, NBC's resident political "expert" Chris Matthews was ringing the "Communists are coming!" church bell all over TV. His gist seems to be that Sanders is into the "Socialist Thing" way deeper than anybody knows. That he said "good things" about certain socialist-minded world leaders that have been demonized endlessly by the more rabid right-wingers of the Limbaugh variety. He keeps insinuating that Sanders might emerge as some sort of closet commie once he gets into office. His rants about Fidel Castro's radical turn to Russia, claiming Fidel screwed all the adoring liberals who initially loved his act, are as pathetic as anything bouncing around HUAC way back when. Guys like Matthews (a millionaire) and James Carville (Is he on crack?) have appointed themselves saviors of the "moderate" middle-of-the-road, wine & cheese Democrats that foisted Hillary Clinton on a Bush-weary citizenry. Only today it's Joe Biden carrying the DNC flag of The Same Old Shit. Matthews and Carville swear that a Sanders contest will never unify Democrats against Trump in the final count. What an obvious load of garbage that is. As things stand now, most Democrats would vote for Pee Wee Herman if it meant getting rid of Orange Julius Caesar. What's reall hysterical is Carville claiming he's just a "reporter" and a TV journalist instead of a jaded, bought and sold mouthpiece for the petrified comic book known as the DNC. It's ALL too crazy right now. FAUX News swears that Putin wants Bernie to win because he's a "fellow traveler". LOL!!! That's nothing but Putin joining in on the coyote attack along with Matthews and Carville. Politics really does make strange bedfellows- trying to slow down the Sanders juggernaut one way or another. What's really appalling is the way Matthews related to Bernie's spokesmen after the Nevada blowout. He kept insinuating that they were at war with the rich and successful, and basically were out to destroy the entire capitalist system once and for all. One second he's saying the most ugly disrespectful things and the next second he's oozing his Irish charm. Academy Award for this guy. NBC and MSNBC are totally schizophrenic. On one hand you have Joy and Rachel making up for the repetitive drone of everyone else. On the other hand you have Matthews and a host of Democratic Party groupies posing as true journalists. They should be on FAUX because right now because they're acting like Republicans. Endlessly repeating everything Trump and his Reich-Marshall's say and claim boils down to endlessly telling LIES to the public as if they are truth. A real disservice to say the least. Like that old Paul Simon song says: "A coalition of millionaires and billionaires", including Democrats, are sick to their stomachs at the thought of a Sander's Presidency. Are the KOCH brothers ready for a "wealth tax"? The MSM has been infiltrated and run by intelligence agencies for decades. The best people were cleaned out after 911. They still allow a certain amount of latitude for the truth, but the margin is melting quicker than an Antarctic ice sheet.

WOW! He just QUIT! 02.Mar.2020 20:01


Chris Matthews just resigned from his show on NBC after sexual harassment allegations began piling up on Friday. Crazed accusations about Bernie Sander's supporters being similar to a "Nazi Invasion" also helped topple him. He's been on the air 23 years. Hope my little post helped a bit. Couldn't have hurt. I haven't seen that blabbering idiot Carville lately either.