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Who litters more? Poor or Rich?

The disparate amount of litter in some neighborhoods is striking.
My observation is even in densely populated affluent neighborhoods there's less litter. Do rich people go to poor neighborhoods with their discards and litter? Who knows. We know many homeless people leave massive amounts of litter but who can blame them - they have more serious problems to deal with. Don't people know it's wrong to litter or is it now cool or something? Who knows. Maybe billboards should have messages guilting people to not litter.

the garbage industry is a million dollar racket 18.Feb.2020 11:45

joe anybody iam@joeanybody.com

maybe you are looking at this the wrong way
i work full time and can not pay the garbage bill

my can overfills every 2 weeks
my can in my backyard sometimes has bags next to it

we need free / reduced garbage collections
we need more cans provided and even possibly trucks who will go to where there is a need regardless of an address or an account

houseless people don't get a can and they get zero opportunities for addressing this
there is no service to them or near them that they could utilize even if they wanted to

its illegal to dump ones garbage in another mans can
there is little money in the housless arena to be contracting in dumpsters
where can a person dragging around a bag of trash, dump it if they were trying to dispose of their trash collection

the obvious fact of the matter is the city could care less if our city is trashed and garbage ridden
its capitalism showing its true beauty
no money no service

marketing and production companies wrap tons of material around products creating piles of garbage and plastic waste

asking the houseless to get rid of there trash is like telling them to vacuum the room when the "room is outside on a sidewalk"

you should be asking the city why we don't provide trash bins or maybe asking the billionaire waste management company why they gouge everybody who needs trash service to the point its now just littering the land, or why are they not being more community minded to help address this blunder of "no cans - no service to those with out a home"

asking houseless people who are broke living day to day on mere nothing to: pay for a trash service (which is impossible} with out a address and bank account or to be making trips to the local dump is absurd and ridicules

its a society problem, it's capitalism beauty mark stained onto this earth, its a city who does nothing to help the situation, its a community problem that we can just blame those with out money, homes, or resources to fix

that means this litter - trash issue will never be fixed - unless you have a plan ..and I am willing to help you!

thanks Emily for showing your concern and making the first steps to help communicate / correct the garbage that is every where in Portland.

if you wanna meet up for coffee and see how we can work together on this issue i would be willing (and or anybody else interested in this type of garbage}

Gateway 18.Feb.2020 11:54


Trash is Everywhere!
Lots of Money Garbage Collected. No money - No service - Trash Everywhere

Consider a Cruise Ship dumping at Sea and a Homeless Tent city ... 18.Feb.2020 12:34

Tracy Mapes

...Who Wins?

We're all responsible 25.Feb.2020 14:43


The 1st world generates more trash per person but the population of the 3rd world is around 3 times that of the 1st world and produces a comparable amount of garbage. The richer West does a better job of processing or isolating garbage away from water or sensitive areas but also ships a lot of garbage to the 3rd world to get it out of sight and mind, and a lot of it ends up dumped back into our ecosystem. The two greatest sources of raw sewage and plastics flowing into our oceans come from rivers in Asia and Africa, places where there is much less regulation than in the West. However, much of that pollution comes from Western industries based in the 3rd world because of that lack of regulation. So whose to blame? We all are. Every time you toss a plastic baggy into the garbage it could end up in the water as more micro plastic pollution so maybe it's better to not use that plastic baggy in the 1st place. It's not pleasant to see homeless people leaving their trash out in the open but they produce much less garbage, on average, than non homeless. They're just more visible. In any case, the important thing is that the plastics and other chemical junk doesn't end up in our water or burned up as air pollution so it's one of the few things I might be willing to pay a little to deal with. Maybe instead of dumb things like "arts taxes" (thanks Sam) we could use the money to hire crews to clean up the junk left by homeless and dispose of it properly.

I'm not crazy about Trump's record on the environment but he did sign the "Save Our Oceans" act in 2018, a bill designed to fight plastic pollution in the ocean.