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Bloomberg and Bibi- Two Peas in a Pod- Racist, Corrupt, Power-Mad Zionists

Why the hell are Black voters favoring Michael Bloomberg all of a sudden? He's best friends with Trump's bosom buddy Bibi Netanyahu and has been forever. Is there a more rabid racist in the world than Bibi?
According to the latest polling (whether legit or not,it appears that Black voters are leaning more toward Bloomberg for President. God only knows why. I guess that after being bombarded 24/7 with his propaganda everywhere you turn that's it's only natural you'll be brainwashed sooner or later. But on the racism scale, Bloomberg is miles ahead of Joe Biden and Mayor Pete. And his tight relationship with Trump's favorite international criminal and self-proclaimed racist and Zionist zealot Netanyahu should be enough to convince any minority citizen to think twice about installing this billionaire bully as leader of the free world. "Stop and Frisk" and "Border Walls" are everyday life in Israel and have been for decades. Imagine Bloomberg as President instituting frisk laws nation-wide, or roadblocks at all city entrances. He's already proven as NYC Mayor that he's prone to massive fascist programs in the name of "Law 'n Order". Especially towards Blacks. And his hinting that Hillary Clinton might be his running mate is enough to make any head spin like a top. WTF??????????