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The finance-dominated regime of accumulation and crisis

Bourgeois society is currently undergoing a multiple crisis. Profits and private indebtedness skyrocket while wages and investments stagnate. Why don't governments loosen austerity measures and collectivize debt? Forms of solidarity economy and economic democracy are important building blocks for a transformation of the capitalist economuy, steps toward the unity of humanity in a classless society free of domination in which the state is left to wither.
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Fiat currency debt-based economic system has now replaced 'capitalism' 17.Feb.2020 13:21


Debt-based economic model: Can the US dominate the global financial system forever?

Federal Reserve: "Current Monetary Policy Will Likely Remain Appropriate"=NEW WORLD ORDER

Repo Madness Clown Show: Fed Discusses Loaning Directly to Hedge Funds For Bailouts

TRUMP [to Federal Reserve]: More Easy Money Please... IN YOUR FACE.

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Sen. Warren Grills Treasury Secretary Mnuchin On Federal Reserve Repo / Overnight Lending

Obama And Trump: The Two Best Friends The Fed Has Ever Had

Trump, while simultaneously calling for devaluation of the/a weaker U.S. dollar, is outspending Obama by enormous magnitude :
Late 2019 Economics: We've never seen anything like this. Not even under Obama

The Fed Protects Gamblers at the Expense of the Economy

The Disaster Of Negative Interest Rates

The Silence On Wall Street's Dark Pools Is Deafening

Financial N-Option Will Settle Trump's Oil War

IMF: Global economy, financial system on brink of disaster

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The way out for a world economy hooked on debt? More debt

Paul Volcker's Long Shadow

post-1980s-Reagan-Thatcher Financialization has replaced 'capitalism'
total debt levels and deficit spending of the past 30 years has eclipsed that of the past few centuries of Western civilization; while central banks, led by the U.S. dollar-based Federal Reserve continue to issue debt note fiat currency which perpetuates an utterly 100% fake global 'economy'.

N.B. the ^ sections on *Financial turnover compared to gross domestic product (GDP), and *Futures markets


(Financialization documentary) The Money Deluge

(42:24)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6m49vNjEGs

Video: How the rich get richer. Money in the world economy, 42 min 18.Feb.2020 15:38

Marc Batko

hey Marc Batko You missed 'The Money Deluge' POSTED ABOVE^^ 19.Feb.2020 00:24


(Financialization documentary) The Money Deluge

(42:24)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6m49vNjEGs










(42:24)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6m49vNjEGs

The Money Deluge: How the Rich get Richer

European zero interest rates and how it impacts ordinary citizen savers.
Global economy awash in, 'avalanched' with "cheap money" in ever-increasing quantities.
Central banks (European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve) i.e. the nation-state currency-issuing entities buying up all debt and bond market assets, globally.
Real estate wheeled-dealed, bought out and jacking up of housing costs/prices by masked financial entities with no relation to native residents or economy, in locales across the world.
German bank advisor to her client (about his own money in his savings account) : "Since you're earning almost no interest we have to see where we can generate a return."
Large transnational corporations wheeling-dealing multi-billion Euro/dollar takeover and repurchase agreements (which without such freely-available central bank-pumped money would never come to fruition) buoyed by ultra-low interest rates.
Trump administration (in only 3 years) with the Federal Reserve as fiat money-creation spearhead has outspent, and increased deficit spending and U.S. national debt amounts of the Obama adminstration era by vast orders of magnitude.
Debt- and loan-based economic model upon which not only private corporations but also banks, governments and citizens are utterly dependent and part of an ever-inflating gigantic bubble.
Zurich (Switzerland) citizen : "I'm a former banker, now retired. I can't say that with pride anymore. They're casinos now."
a YouTube user comment : " If watching this in 2017 was scary try watching it in 2019 lol "

How the rich get richer - money in the world economy | DW Documentary

3,231,152 views Jul 5, 2017