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A few things about Sibel Schick

About Sibel Schick. Something should be known about you. No room for lies and misinformation.
Sibel Schick is not just a feminist. Sibel Schick is much more than that. Above all, she is a cold-blooded self-centered woman.

Everything that stands in her way is mercilessly finished. Be it a marginalized person (trans, WoC... .... . or just a committed feminist. Sibel Schick spares no effort and time to torture them slowly and continuously psychologically.[1] [2]You are all right here. It often boils down to the fact that in addition to assassination, those Nazis are also accused of eating. Doxxing and ongoing harassment are often initiated by Sibel Schick. [3]

But not only that! Sibel Schick does not take the solidarity her preached with WoC, trans and other marginalized people so seriously. [4] Her would rather support your own "lemmings" and leave others out. Often white cis dudes with money and influence are treated preferentially by her ("likes to say white men shit, but that's just a sham").[5]

Everything for fame and PayPal account. Only a few marginalized people support you. These are the ones who have to say yes and amen to everyone. If one of them falls out of line, the support ends. [6]

Sibel Schick is the master. Lies and manipulation determine your actions. This is also evident from her high number of followers. Blind lemmings who throw up their money and always say yes and amen.

Sibel Schick also campaigns for the exploitation of women. "Pussies are just money boxes". That is your motto.[7]

You can find it on Twitter here:  https://twitter.com/sibelschick

Information about her racist and Sexist partner are here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2020/01/438164.shtml

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