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The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Anti-Terrorism Office Monitors This Location

According to a Notice posted throughout the civilian community in Washington and Oregon, you are a "homwgrown violent extremist", a "domestic terrorist" if you publicly object to government activities. You will be placed under surveillance and your identifying information will be entered into the INTELINK database.
Beginning in June 2019 and continuing through this month, the JBLM Anti-Terrorism Office (JBLMATO) has repeatedly posted a notice throughout the civilian community warning that they are conducting surveillance of civilian businesses because of anti-DOD fliers. The JBLMATO identifies anyone who publicly objects to DOD activities as a "homegrown violent extremist" (domestic terrorist).

Just what are these anti-DOD fliers that causes the JBLMATO to call us homegrown violent extremists and justifies their surveillance of the civilian community? If the flier being processed for DNA and fingerprints by the JBLM Evidence Technician is an example of what they call "anti-DOD fliers" then it is a flier commenting on the use of Stingray cell-phone surveillance devices to monitor the community by the Tacoma police (and apparently by JBLM based on the JBLMATO Notice).

What's the purpose of posting these fliers? Wouldn't it make more sense to conduct surveillance without telling anyone? The JBLMATO Notice is intended to intimidate into silence anyone who has a political viewpoint that JBLM disagrees with and to threaten and harass anyone who questions JBLM activities. According to the JBLMATO Notice if you post a political flier in the community they will collect DNA and fingerprints from the flier (to identify who posted it) and enter your identifying information into the INTELINK database ( https://www.indybay.org/uploads/2017/07/19/vessels-intelink.jpg).

Is the flier really from JBLM? The photo in the JBLMATO Notice of the JBLM Evidence Technician processing a political "anti-DOD" flier for DNA and fingerprints would certainly indicate that it was produced by JBLM. But doesn't asking the community to send tips to a Gmail address mean it might be fake? No, the use of a non-DOD email address is done to prevent information sent to the JBLMATO from being obtained through FOIA. (The JBLMATO Notice even points out that tips sent to their Gmail address aren't releasable through FOIA.) And this isn't the first time that the JBLMATO has used a non-DOD address to collect information about the civilian community. They have previously used Facebook and Twitter as reporting channels, both to limit FOIA requests and to hide their activities from any official oversight. (Links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts are included in their Protection Daily Bulletin.) The INTELINK database mentioned in the JBLMATO Notice actually exists and was protested by the civilian community as far back as at least 2017.

I personally contacted JBLM to ask about the JBLMATO Notice, and while they admit to producing the Notice, they "can't comment on on-going security operations".

With the upcoming 2020 elections, you can be sure that the JBLMATO will be monitoring your activities and entering your identifying information into their INTELINK database if they don't like your political opinion or if you dare question JBLM activities.

* At about the same time as the JBLMATO began posting their Notices in the civilian community, the FBI published a guide to indicators of homwgrown violent extremists.  https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/booklet-lists-observable-indicators-of-potential-violent-extremists-071619