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Wuhan Corona Virus Looks Like Bubonic Plague

The Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus looks like Bubonic Plague
The Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus "looks" like Bubonic Plague
Like many writers both amateur and professional I get security reports in my inbox, that I have learned over the years to treat with great suspicion and to filter out the small fragments of truth that remain. [hell, maybe I'm getting manipulated]

While it appears that there is some kind of outbreak in Wuhan, the reporting even in established global-security rags is all over the place. Some say the numbers of death are small, while others report 100 bodies per day being burned in Chinese crematoriums, while the rest of the media, esp Youtube, suggests animal to human disease transmission by means of pest insects. To further correlate this, biosuited Chinese health workers are shown spraying for airborn pests (photos "can" be faked or out of context). As someone who grew up in Louisiana, I witnessed Msoquito control trucks sparying the neighborhood every other day, during the wet season (hurricane season, locally). Much of Louisiana from New Orleans - south, experiences Caribbean wet-dry seasons. Local yachters and commercial fishermen will be very familiar with this.

Returning to my thesis, the speed of the outbreak, the number of deaths and the method of control make this look EXACTLY like an outbreak of BUBONIC PLAGUE. Pardon my French; but, Corona Virus MY ASS (at least my BS meter is diplaying a value of less than zero)!!!

Anyway, do be careful and "consider" stocking [STEPTOMYCIN, GENTAMICIN, DOXYCYCLINE]. Treatment should be started as soon as symptoms appear (within 7 days, death can result within 10 days). Untreated death rates can be up to 90%. DON'T FUCK WITH THIS, SERIOUSLY! 888

"BTW, the Masons can and do misinform and betray their own, esp. the straights."










Well? ... 07.Feb.2020 17:23

Tracy Mapes

In a World where a Homeless Man can't even find a toilet to shit in, and they are spiriting away People from China in CIA Air Transports to American Air Force Base Hotels, something even greater could be afoot in regard to looming conflict with China on a Global Scale.

Too many large Corporation pullouts as well. Saying, the Virus is a Cover, for the movement in a much larger nefarious operation.