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what happenedo indymedia

what happened to indymedia. it seems like everything radical has gone dormant.
what happened to indymedia? i remember when it started twenty years ago there was a lot of energy going into it but in like a generation the whole thing has shifted. everything has shifted. it doesn't seem like there is much of anything going on anymore. there is lots happening online but it doesn't accomplish anything particularly radical. almost all of the online organizing is filtered through corporate social media sites. i'm just a ranty old bitch but i am trying to understand why the radical movements of the recent 20 years mostly just whithered up and disappeared and it seems like no one even noticed it happened.

( for further discussion... ) See also this recent newswire post, comments 03.Feb.2020 21:32


[ May ?? have been a deliberate provocateur posting here but still some useful discussion and debunking of the Trolls ]

Is there anyone who still reads this that is antiwar?

Oh, I noticed ... 10.Feb.2020 10:53

Jody Paulson

and it's all about the infiltration. But Portland Indymedia is one of the very few left standing and I sure as hell hope it won't go away. People have come to rely on compromised platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, and we know what direction those guys are going. Stay in touch with real-world friends you can really trust. Someday soon you'll be very glad you did.

What Happened? Indymedia became the tactic that everyone uses 04.Jun.2020 01:54


What happened to Indymedia? It became the tactic that everyone uses to produce and publish 1st person news in groups that have essentially flat, all-volunteer, models. Indymedia is essentially ubiquitous today and likely many people using the tactic that don't know they are even doing it. It was never an organization and still is not.

One thing that it is.... there when you need it.