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Accused Child Molester Dershowitz Now Trump's Defense Attorney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chickens come home to roost
Virginia Giuffre was just seventeen when she was recruited by Jeffrey Epstein and forced to have sex with the likes of Prince Andrew. She also sued famed Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz for defamation for denying his participation in the forced statutory rapes she had to endure. Of course Dershowitz counter-sued citing "emotional distress". These suits are still pending but you would never know it watching CNN or MSNBC or FOX. The President's lawyer is an accused child rapist who dabbled in teenage sex slaves on Epstein's Fantasy Island for dried-out old white guys looking for daughter figures to f+ck. C'mon Rachel- let's at least hear a little bit about this from you. Oh I forgot- Bill Clinton was a frequent guest of Epstein's too. Better to not mention illicit sex at all.

Jeffrey Epstein Is Alive And Well 17.Jan.2020 21:56


And you don't have to worry about who might be Trump's lawyer. This is nothing more than TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Sure Trump is a fascist thug, but does any reasonably sentient creature think that any 'democrat' is any better? Let's get real.

Jeffrey Epstein is alive and well, and living rent-free in your brain. (This might qualify as a Conspiracy Theory -- but there's a hell of a lot of that going around.)

Meanwhile, about your little gig working for the CIA putting photos of supposedly 'dead' Epstein right next to Trump. What are we supposed to do? Demand regime change? Another very well foundation 'charity' NGO funded regime change?

Most of us at Indymedia don't get paid for this crap. I'm guessing you get paid rather nicely. Good day, lady or gentleman. Don't forget your fancy hat on the way out.

"us"? 19.Jan.2020 14:11


The CIA? WTF has the CIA to do with my comments? And what's with this "US" at Indymedia? Just because you post your brain-damaged bullshit here endlessly doesn't give you any special status at all Blowjob. All those photos are real. Do you like little girls too?

How about this? 20.Jan.2020 21:09


Child bride marriage is alive and well in the 3rd world, in Mexico the rates have not changed, even in the modern era:  https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2017/11/23/564049914/why-child-marriage-persists-in-mexico
Latino immigrants are arrested at 4-5 times the rates as native US men for child sex abuse, and that doesn't even account for the fact their communities can be much more insulated than native ones. Who knows what the rates really are.  https://www.aim.org/media-monitor/illegal-alien-sex-fiends/
10's of millions of underage girls are trafficked every year all over the world by their very own families. Asian and African people still marry underage girls every year by the millions off to older men in accordance to traditions. These girls have no recourse, nobody is advocating for them, just a future of pumping out babies and servicing the needs of older men for the rest of their lives. Even when they migrate to the West, the traditions persist, it's not unusual for Muslims to pull their underage girls from Western schools and send them back to the old country for marriage to older men. Of course, it's only the girls, the boys get to stay and do as they please.  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/4017/uk-muslim-underage-marriage

Oh, sorry about that Indymedia folks. I'm not being "respectful" to other cultures. A cardinal sin for "progressives", I can hear the Antifa hissing "racissst" right now. I mean seriously, who cares about millions of brown skinned girls being sexually exploited every day? What? You're saying it's not relevant? Well, when is it ever relevant? When was the last time Indymedia ran a feature on this subject? When does the subject come up among any of you reading this right now? Does Prince Phillip having sex with a 17 year old (still legal age of consent in some states) even compare? Maybe some of you can contrive up some rationalization but I'm going to challenge that and say that the 3rd world exploitation of underage girls is infinitely worse than whatever is going on here in the West.

white guys 17.Feb.2020 09:10


The 3rd world is chock full of thousands of perverted white guys looking for cheap sicko thrills. They spend the $$$$$$ that keeps it all going.

More to that story rAT 19.Feb.2020 09:59


Hey rAT - Did you know that most customers of prostitutes in the 3rd world are men in their own countries? Yup, in Africa, it's mostly black men, in Asia, they're mostly Asian men. The international business is big, but it's still smaller piece of the pie than the domestic business. Not to mention, plenty of foreign men come to the first world to sample the delights of the Western world. Copenhagen is a huge one but there are plenty of other 1st world sex tourist hot spots patronized by men from all over the world, and not just the whites ones you want to focus on. That's you whole agenda rAt, pretend that white Western men are the "worst" exploiters of the sex trade but that's not even remotely close to actual truth. Maybe they have more money, on average, and that give them more purchasing power and visibility but that still doesn't mean they are the "worst". Plus, you love nothing more than completely ignoring the vast 3rd world networks of exploitation that supply bodies to be exploited by men all over the world, the pimps, the men & women, even the parents of children that sexually abuse them and prepare them for sex work. I've seen many TV "exposes" about exploited children and just like you are trying to do rAT, they focus on white men but ignore the behind the scenes non white exploiters that profit off the trade and also sexually abuse women and children. Of course we're just talking about the commercial trade, my point about 3rd world cultural practices that basically boil down to trafficking of young girls to older men still stands. The practices force millions of underage females every year into marriages with older men that takes away the freedom of choice in life and an into an existence of simply pumping out babies and servicing older men. This form of trafficking dwarfs the commercial sex trade and is primarily conducted by non whites.

Sorry to burst your thought bubble rAT but your pathetic attempt to deflect back into a PC narrative needed to be exposed.

hmmmmmmm 20.Mar.2020 00:06


You seem to know a lot from..err.."personal experience"?