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Killing On The Ground = AIRCRAFT RADAR

Dear Reader, Take Heed.

I have written fairly extensively about EMF/Microwave/RADAR Attacks from bothe the Air, and the Ground to identify potential culprits. Well? ... a break thru has been found in the most unlikely place. The Smartphone.
Dear Reader, Take Heed.

I have written fairly extensively about EMF/Microwave/RADAR Attacks from bothe the Air, and the Ground to identify potential culprits. Well? ... a break thru has been found in the most unlikely place. The Smartphone.

I have often wondered? "How?" could I get a RADAR Dectector or something to give me early \\\\\Warning!///// to protect myself by any available means, and quite by accident while watching the developments of the IRAN Air Flight 655 Air Crash, I saw tracking software in use, and wondered if it were Publically Available.

It's Called 'FlightRADAR24'  https://www.flightradar24.com/51.5,-0.12/8 ,and it allows real time tracking from your Smartphone flight data from every aircraft in the Air, In the World, except for Military Aircraft. This Means, Altitude, Airspeed, Map Location, GPS, and most importantly of all, The Air Registration Number of the offending Aircraft. You can watch them from the moment they start their engines on the Tarmac, to Where they park the Aircraft when they are done.

It also records a trail to wherever the Aircraft has been, that you can retrieve and download up to 365 Days after the flight on a premium account, 90 days after on a mid-grade account, and 7 days after on a free account.

Within two days, I found My Attacker, a CHP Aircraft N159HP Out of Auburn, California. I'll post links to their flights. The first that made me sick within 30 Seconds, and a direct flight path over my Shed location in North Highlands, Ca.

Flight Attack where I got instantly sick.

2nd Flight, Same Night - Targeting Roseville Rd.

From the flight data over the last two days, the CHP Aircraft N159HP is being used to saturate the Ground with RADAR in an Area with Homeless Camps on Roseville Rd. in Sacramento County. I wondered why for the last week and a half why all the Homeless People left with all their belongings left behind? This could be the smoking gun.

Here is another Flight by CHP N159HP that exhibits highly unusual flight behavior that would be consistent with "AREA SATURATION".

If You have "Missing Homeless" in Your Area, You might check out this Product for further Investigation or Self Protection.

-Tracy Mapes

Attacked Twice last night ... 13.Jan.2020 11:47

Tracy Mapes

8:55 pm and 1:42 am, with No Transponder Signatures in the Area. This means no transponder data being emitted from Aircraft, or Military.

Either way, I was able to shelter in place.

In Regard to CHP Aircraft N159HP and his unusual flight behaviors, here is a Perfect Circle of his over Yuba City.

I Marked out points off interest. I Believe presence of "Binney Junction" may be a reference the 'William Binney and Kirk Wiebe Support Targeted Individuals TI, to which I posted the above Portland Indy Media Article.

Tracy Drive, is a Road included inside the circle.

Flights over my Shed Album.

Sorry to keep bitching... 14.Jan.2020 13:09

Tracy Mapes

...but I figured I should start keeping a Public Log of incidents for future safety.

January 13, 4 RADAR Incidents

9:30 pm, got sick enough to throw up.

10:15 pm, Sheltered in place.

11:55 pm, Sheltered in place.

1:30 am, Sheltered in place.


10:30 am, Sheltered in place.

12:00 pm, Two Aircraft from McClellan AFB \\\Exhibiting No ADS-B Transponder Info///, US Coast Guard 2713, Medium Range Radar Surveillance Aircraft, and (1)* Fixed Wing Light Aircraft (flying directly over Target)*

Photo Data from Flight RADAR 24 14.Jan.2020 13:12

Tracy Mapes

Running Planes without ADS-B Transponders 16.Jan.2020 17:37

Tracy Mapes

So? ...the suffering continues,the last 2 nights basically 4-5 attacks nightly, except ...no transponder data, or RADAR signature on Flight RADAR 24.

Most Aircraft avoiding the area from Northwoods to Stockton, CA.

Shed Still Focus of Targeting, move 50 Feet to Car? ...No Problems, except an uncomfortable nights sleep. Can't get Military to react after mitigation request, to Identify, or diminish attacks. Un-American.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Won't be bitching about this too much more unless something more significant happens, as this has become routine everyday bullshit for the last 3 months. Same S, Different Day, though I thought it important to attach to the Missing Homeless Population on Roseville Rd. combined with the Flight Activity of Aircraft N159HP which is currently hangered at Mather Air Force Base.

Tactics of Survival ... 18.Jan.2020 19:23

Tracy Mapes

A couple recent Ideas to employ if you find yourself in such a shit.

1. They attack mostly at night when you need to sleep 6-8 hours. Use an Electric Blanket to leave a heat signature where you would normally sleep. Sleep Elsewhere. They are using Flir/IR or other heat sensing technology.

2. Get Flight RADAR 24 App to track flights in your area. I have only tagged 1 Aircraft as a responsible party, that runs transponders, and that was N159HP, who has been grounded at Mather Air Force Base for the last 3 days, since the 15th of January, 2020. All other attacks have been Military Grade Hardware or Running No Transponders.

3. Get an App called 'FAKE GPS' and set your cellphone to an alternate location that they may presume you to be. I got almost 3 hrs extra sleep employing this technique. They will use your cellphone location to find you, so turn it off (Location in Settings). I use the Location Setting to Paint my location, to take screenshots of Aircraft with the FlightRADAR24 App, and indicate whether any related sickness was involved. But, during sleep, you can use 'FAKE GPS' App to Allow Cellphone use while using location deception.

4. If they attack and you cannot get the direction of attack fairly quickly with 18"x18" Tiles? ...get the Hell Out! Go sleep in your Car somewhere, and make a bunch of 90 degree turns before you park. They will lose you and take up to a Hour to Find. Use 'FAKE GPS' App to get additional sleep.

5. If you do get sick, throw up all bile and acid you can, and consume something Cold, like Ice Cream, Frosty, Popsicles, Cold Water or Soda to settle your stomach. I think the coolness cools your core temp, a cellular structures stop freaking out. You will begin to feel better rapidly.

This is America, and the fact that Law-Enforcement and Military allow it to happen under their watch speaks volumes about their lack of Integrity and Intestinal Fortitude in the Face of Criminality.

So? What's New? 28.Jan.2020 16:29

Tracy Mapes

Informed Public Utility will Cut down the tree Sheltering my Shed.

This practice has been done to 3 times over the past 10 years. They an't get their Raygun (RADAR) to penetrate the Target efficiently enough, so they employ Public Works to mitigate the Vegetation to get to the Target.

Sounds like Bullshit until you live the life, and see how urgent their processes of policy is accelerated.

Total Bullshit.