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Welcome New KBOO Volunteer Coordinator Layla Kanaan!

It's been about 4 months since Ani Haines voluntarily resigned from KBOO radio. At last there we have a new volunteer coordinator.
Layla co hosts One Land Many Voices since 2018.


Please contact her for information about volunteering:


"Currently, our biggest needs are for: news room volunteers, distributing flyers / postering, live remote broadcast tech help, live music mixologists, audio producers, audio production trainers, clerical support in the membership office, and outreach volunteers to help with special events, and outreach information tables."

Layla looks like a great addition to KBOO that will lead the station in positive directions.

And for those familiar with KBOO's checkered past, they will be relieved to know this volunteer coordinator has no unbalanced significant other trying to sabotage KBOO's reputation stalking and doxxing members and imagined "enemies".

Welcome Layla!