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JBLM Anti-Terrorism Office calls Anti-War Protestors "Domestic Terrorists"

As hundreds gather in Seattle and other cities to protest US involvement in Middle East, the JBLM Anti-Terrorism Office (JBLMATO) has warned that individuals involved in these protests are potential homegrown violent extremists / domestic terrorists.
In a photo from the JBLMATO threat assessment, they referenced the presence of a "communist flag" and the call to violence (gun to the head of a victim) pictured on the yellow vest worn by a protester in the foreground. Anyone who opposes government activities is a potential threat they said. "It is possible that anyone participating in protests against military deployments may be Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVE) and could pose a threat to JBLM military and civilian personnel, and local citizens", warned the JBLMATO.

The assessment recommended collecting personal information on anyone that could be identified at these protests, and having JBLMATO personnel attend these protests to "build relationships and identify future intent".

* If you are identified at someone who opposes war and the deployment of troops to the Middle East, you could end up in a JBLMATO / INTELINK database as a Homegrown Violent Extremist, and be subject to future surveillance by JBLM.

homepage: homepage: http://https://home.army.mil/lewis-mcchord/index.php/my-Joint-Base-Lewis-Mcchord/all-services/directorate-emergency-services/prto

Same Shit - Different Day 05.Jan.2020 14:55


This is the same type of shit they pulled in the Towery case.



It is the same office under a new name - they used to call themselves the Force Protection Division. And it is the same people in that office committing the same crimes against the American people that they have done for years.

It never ends!