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Don't Talk to The Police ~ Ever!

You should never talk to the police! Talking to the police, whether as a suspect in their investigation, or as a witness to some event they want to question you about, can never help you, but can always hurt you. Anything that you say to the police can be used against you, but it can't be used to help you, and if the police misrepresent, in their reports, what you say to them it becomes part of an official record that is extremely difficult to correct.
Don't Talk to the Police ~ Ever!
Don't Talk to the Police ~ Ever!
The PDF "Don't Talk to The Police ~ Ever!" was a hand-out at a class given in Tacoma, WA and was later published on IndyBay. I though that it was interesting, and after an attorney friend of mine read it and said it was good advice, I thought I would share it with my community here in Portland.

So for your reference and reading pleasure Don't Talk to the Police ~ Ever!


homepage: homepage: http://https://www.indybay.org/uploads/2019/07/28/don_t_talk_to_the_police_-_ever.pdf

Paranoid much? 03.Jan.2020 15:58


"No Snitch" is a bad policy.

oldie but goodie — Don't Talk to the Police (2012) 04.Jan.2020 08:30


watch this video, pass it on :
Don't Talk to the Police

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Portland Cop Watch is B.S. 04.Jan.2020 18:18


Why isn't there a "Gang People Who Love to Shoot Each Other" Watch?
"People Who Kill Cyclists with Their Car and Flee" Watch?
"People Who Dress in Black and Vandalize Public Property" Watch?
"Homeless People Who Harm Other Homeless People" Watch?

The people who watch the above are called cops.

Great question, Anthony! 04.Jan.2020 20:33


When gangs, homeless people, and bad drivers can decide to arrest you and imprison you, with the full blessing of the law, and fabricate evidence to destroy your life, maybe you can start a group to watch them. We'll need vigilant folks like you.

Thanks for your valuable perspective!

Anthony — lulz. 05.Jan.2020 08:11


yeah what ever dude.

as soon as you can document for us, any 1 single thing that the police have done for/on behalf of *YOU PERSONALLY* (i.e. _not_ for "greater good of society" blah-de-blah-de-****ING-blah)/in your favor, in your lifetime, Anthony we'll pick up your schtick.

unless you're a cop / cop's son yourself. Which would figure.

RE: public safety ( "killed cyclists" etc. )
When — precisely and document how it was accomplished — have the Police ever _prevented_ a cyclist from being killed?

RE: anything else
When have the police ever _prevented_ anything bad or harmful, to individual persons or 'society at large', from occurring?

Oh yeah — the police actually do prevent *rich people* in *wealthy neighborhoods* from being robbed, or even mobbed.

The police actually do prevent *elite politicians* and *multinational corporate executives* from being harmed (at world trade conferences and elsewhere).

The police keep (most of the time...) *banks* from harm.

in short the police are there to protect the top scions of the Plutokleptocorporatocracy©®™ from harm.
That is the _sole_ reason why police even exist.