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Bill of Peace 2020

ELKINSóLocal resident Phil Hudok has received an arbitration award ordering the federal government to provide remedy and relief. Hudok, of Huttonsville, along with four complainants, demanded that the federal government provide Constitutional authority for 573 claims of "interface with the people," and when the federal government failed to produce the requested information, the Constitution was established as a breached contract. The claimants offered a new contract to the federal government, which was accepted and included all Americans as beneficiaries.
The claimants offered to enter into dispute resolution with the federal government but that offer was unaccepted and a neutral third party began the arbitration process. The federal government failed to appear for arbitration, according to Hudok. The arbitrator ruled in favor of Hudok, outside of any monetary settlements. The complainants were "issued an award for numerous contracted remedies and relief.

Elkins Inter-Mountain Publishes Bill of Peace 2020

Please look over this Treaty/Bill of Peace 2020 and consider opting into this before the 1st of Feb.

Or maybe you know someone that would wants or needs to have diplomatic immunity.

Diplomatic immunity(Freeman)
- There is to be an unconditional release and setting at Liberty of the beneficiaries.
- Beneficiaries, are as defined in the bill, all Americans that opt-in and includes their immediate family (minors).
- Any case past or present is void.
- Beneficiaries are to receive immediate and unconditional indemnification.
- Beneficiaries are to receive immediate and unconditional immunity.
- There is immediate issuance of necessary documentation of the indemnification and the immunity for the beneficiary.
- A return of all property and assets.
- All records and systems of records, other than the provided Diplomatic status, are to be expunged and destroyed.
- A land patent will be issued.
- An accounting and return the hidden trusts.
- Tax exempt for the rest of your natural life.

"USA Prepares" host Vincent Vanelli interviews Phil Hudok 11/8/2019

TREATY OF PEACE 2020: What every U.S. Citizen needs to know and respond to asap!

What is Treaty of Peace 2020?

Hudok.info - Government of, by and for corporations in default and dishonor!

Congressional Private Side Enforcement Bill (Settlement Action Begins mid February)

Opt in Document
 link to hudok.info

You are opting in on Contract J3:16fGsltwthghobS for which an arbitration award has been issued.
Read and follow the procedures below that are also found on page two of the Opt-In document.

1. After <Get Document> Click [Open] box top-right. Download and then print the two page document.
2. Print in requested information. Sign both Signature lines. Initial bottom-right corner of both pages.
3. Scan both pages into a pdf document. Email the scanned pdf doc. to  treaty.of.peace2020@gmail.com
4. Mail both pages to the following address to be received by Phillip on or before February 1, 2020

Phillip Hudok
15958 Seneca Trail
Huttonsville, W.Va. 26273

Note: Email and physical mail must be received by February 1, 2020.
Note: The emailed pdf is necessary for Opt-In

homepage: homepage: http://www.hudok.info/
address: address: 15958 Seneca Trail, Huttonsville, W.Va. 26273