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FREE - Dec 25th 2019 26th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS DINNER - Potluck in the Park | noon to 3PM

Potluck in the Park at the Portland Art Museum Mark Building - Noon to 3:00PM on 12.25.19

26th Annual Christmas Dinner!

Potluck in the Park will be holding a special Christmas Day dinner at the Portland Art Museum
(in addition to the usual Sunday dinners at Waterfront Park underneath the Hawthorne Bridge ramp before and after Christmas).
2018 Christmas Dinner
2018 Christmas Dinner
Christmas Day dinner, Gifts, Phone Calls, Photos with Santa... and Live Jazz!

**** IT'S ALL FREE **** Noon to 3:00pm ****


Portland Art Museum1119 SW Park Avenue (between Main and Madison)

More Information? or Need a Ride?(503) 255-7611

Google Map (location of free Christmas Dinner)  https://goo.gl/maps/FyinQeKMvULjqya86

www.potluckinthepark.org in partnership with the PORTLAND ART MUSEUM


Fighting Hunger in Portland.

Rain or shine, 52 weeks a year, hundreds of needy people have a hot meal and a community gathering place because generous supporters like you. Understanding food is a human right and hunger is a human wrong. Every Sunday for twenty-five years Potluck in the Park volunteers have prepared and served healthy wholesome meals with dignity and kindness. The secret to Potluck in the Park's staying power is the story of its people. Our tenacious teams of career-volunteers have inspired thousands of other volunteers to donate their time, talent and money to fight hunger in Portland. Their dedication and passion has made Potluck in the Park a touchstone for a community in crisis.

In 2018 this Christmas Dinner was served to over 1,120 people






Under the Hawthorne Bridge on the Westside Portland Oregon

3:00 pm Every Sunday
Ticketing begins at Noon

Potluck in the Park has provided a free hot meal to anyone in need every Sunday since 1991, rain or shine.

Potluck in the Park serves more than 20,000 hot meals every year. Consider donating to Potluck in the Park and supporting this important work! Visit www.potluckinthepark.org/donate-now/ to learn more and contribute.


 https://www.facebook.com/PotluckinthePark (FACEBOOK LINK)

FLYER english -  https://www.potluckinthepark.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Xmas-Flyer-English.pdf

FLYER spanish -  https://www.potluckinthepark.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Xmas-Flyer-Spanish.pdf

2018 Portland Indymedia post (last year [2018] Free Xmas Dinner)  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/12/436991.shtml

homepage: homepage: http://www.potluckinthepark.org

Success! 27.Dec.2019 09:58

Ben Waiting

I heard that the amount of people exceeded last years attendance for the free Christmas dinner
2019 Christmas Dinner - Free -
2019 Christmas Dinner - Free -