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Ray Gunning Fun.

First night I've been run out o my shed since I employed 18"x1 8" Floor Tiles to shield myself. Unbearable.
Also Informed that Case Trial for leaflet bombing of Oakland Coliseum and 49er's Levi Stadium will be moved to May of 2020 sometime, and the Federal Attorney also informed me that She had spoken to the Sacramento Public Defender's Office, and that "He" could "push it out as far as was needed".

Meaning the 2 1/2 Year old Case in Sacramento County for painting a 10' x 20'ft. Upside Down American Flag on Freeway I-5 South of Sacramento. In that Case, when I tried to fire my Public Defender for Incompetence, she reversed it on me and Requested a Competency Hearing Against Me, and Bailed over to the Felony Division of the Public Defender's Office. Yet, I'm still stuck with defending my own competency to stand trial with a newly appointed attorney that said I would not be able to speak on my own behalf at the Hearing.

That constitutes a Violation of "Prior Restraint" limiting my 6th Amendment Right to represent myself before the court. This means the Legal Council representing you is no longer representing the Interests of the State. I might as well have the Prosecuting Attorney represent my case. I'd have clearer representation.

So, this night, the Ray Gunning is too Severe which is almost the first name of my Federal Public Defender. But you havvve to do what you have to do to survive this kind of Illegal State Euthanization Policy.

So? ...Sleep in the Car tonight. You only do it to survive.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

P.S. - If Donald Trump had a case like this, he could have it delayed 2-3 years. My case has been delayed for 2 1/2 years, seems they do not want to discuss the "Why" of My Protests.

Youtube: Ray Gun Puking, It's not as easy as it seems.

Get the Plastic Cup, You're Gonna Need It.

Seems like Radiation? ...When it stops, you feel better.

During heavy attacks, you will fill an entire cup with no Tile Protection.

Seems like Curdled Blood? Bile? ...Never any food you ate.