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Chemtrails: Total Saturation of the Mojave Desert in SoCal

No- it's not a fog bank.
Here's one of the heaviest concentrations of Chem Trail poisons I've ever witnessed. Right over a Marine Base yet. Notice how the sky has turned completely pale white with plasma for HAARP and weather modification ops. Scary stuff.

etc. 02.Dec.2019 10:31


more pics yipes!

Do you also not see? 02.Dec.2019 14:53

Mike Novack

See that whispyness in the vicinity of the "chemtrails"? Do you understand what that means?

It means that the air there is "supersturated", water vapor "wants" to condense into droplets (and form a cloud)

Under those conditions, if an airplane flies through that air, instead of a temporary vapor trail that is soon re-evaporated you get a persistent trail (essentially a cloud forms) in the path of the plane as to the droplets from the plane (the fuel burned to CO2 AND water). Can actually grow into a cloud.

If you want to talk about "chemtrails" show us a picture without that whispyness nearby.

<< water vapor is transparent in the visible spectrum. what we see as clouds is fine droplets, water vapor that has managed to condense, because the droplets scatter light. It is not easy for a gas to condense without "seeds" providing surfaces that the gas molecules can attach to. That's how air can be somewhat "supersaturated", neither able to hold the vapor as gas nor able to find enough surface for condensation >>

Novack: 08.Dec.2019 18:11


Normal jet "contrails" always are seen emerging directly from the aircraft's engines (exhaust). Chemical aerosols always begin from a distance away from the exhaust port. The additives are added separately to the JP8 fuel as it burns- creating a chemical and nano particle laden plasma that can be used to create and steer killer hurricanes and tornadoes, cause earthquakes, and is a major force multiplier for wireless communications and military eavesdropping. These airborne chemicals are ionized by giant land-based microwave and radar generators that heat this soup- thus causing a thick particle laden either-like atmosphere that can be manipulated to release staggering amounts of energy that can be beamed anywhere on the planet for weather control and weather warfare. These fake clouds are laden with deadly chemicals and nano particles, not to mention huge amounts of radiation that are forced to the ground and into our water and food supply. Cows eat the grass and we eat steaks, milk, cheese and butter. These particles are small enough to enter out lungs and intestines and raise havoc. Aluminum, Barium, and lead are just some of the deadly toxins raining down on us with every downpour. The techno-nazis that are in charge of all of this could give a goddamn about the effects on human health and the Earth itself. They are all Dr. Strangelove these days. Scoff if you must, but even a bit of real homework and observation will open most people's eyes to the critical threat this all poses. All these chem-trailers and transmitters are dispersed world-wide in Western-aligned nations and is known collectively as "The Space Fence". It's the culmination of Reagan's Star Wars program, and it's goal is complete dominance of Space and the ability to counter any threat. Earth based or otherwise. Pence is in charge of it right now. Watch Trump resign and Pence assume the Presidency. Then the real fun begins.

'mo 08.Dec.2019 18:12



more 08.Dec.2019 18:13



seeds 08.Dec.2019 18:15


The chemtrails ARE the "seeds" duhhhh