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"Targeted Individual" - Do You Want To Live?

So? ...You're Amused by Tin Hats and Like to Laugh at what you do not understand?
If you become the "Target" of Microwave/RADAR, X-Ray, Gamma Ray or Sonic Cannon, ION Cannon, IR or Laser Technology, continue reading.

First, I will set some parameters for your survival. Some you will control, others you will not. You will not live a happy life. You will have no privacy. The people who act like friends will console you only to facilitate your demise. You can never go back to living normally. Most social situations will garner some level of threat to your person.

1. Importance - Sleeping

Sleep Deprivation is a key component to your destruction.

You may be disrupted by 'Skull to Voice' technology throughout the day or night. This will come as a surprise to you, but more than likely you've been shot in the head with a microchip or metal to ensure they get good reception. There is no cure for this.

They will not usually activate 'Gangstalking' measures of this nature for 1 to 2 years to try and disassociate you with the initial contact.

This Sleep Deprivation usually comes with verbal threats of what type of crime you will be set up for, vivid dreams of loss. Just like 'Good Cop/Bad Cop' scenarios, they like to Build You Up, and then Pull the Rug out from under you. Over and Over again. This is a Illegal Psychological Warfare Tactic to break you down in compliance. Brain Washing by punishment and reward until you surrender your soul, make you commit suicide, or are killed.

Sleep Deprivation keeps you from appointments, business or school scheduling, showing up for your job or maintaining your life.


Sleep Deprivation often comes in the form of very high frequency Sound Wave that can be relentlessly irritating. If this occurs, you may have to sleep in a different room, you car, or a motel room. It does not matter, getting you sleep and scheduling ability back is important.

The reasoning for attacking you at night is the fact that you are in a stationary position for hours when trying to sleep. This make you vulnerable. They can attack you by air or by ground from what I have estimated to be around 60 miles in Radius at 125 miles an hour. This allows a continuous arc in tracking your ground position.

And, while Ceramic Floor Tiles provide a defense from these tactics, You Do Not want to build a Box around yourself for protection. And the reasoning for this is, if you build a box around you, you will only be building an oven to cook yourself in.

No close sides to your Sleeping area should be allowed to ensure maximum dissipation of excess energy produced by the weapon being used against you.

Use a Single 18"x18" Ceramic Tile to shield yourself as necessary while in bed. Place it Vertically or Horizontally as necessary to shield yourself from the attack, next to your body. The 18"x18" Area is much like a Flak Jacket. It's their to protect your primary organs Heart, Lungs, Insetines, Gall Bladder, etc. from a fairly concentrated Ray of about 1 Foot in Diameter.

The Ray they are using at this time will make you Sick within 10 to 30 Seconds. So it is imperative that you get out of the Ray Path or Block it.

The Effects of the Ray (RADAR) are:

Quick development of internal GAS, either inside of or on the exterior of your Intestines. The Gall Bladder seems the most susceptible Target, and You will experience Ejectile Vomit which will only subside if you get out of the Path of the Ray.

This Ejectile Vomit will have high concentrations on Stomach Acid, and be of a Bile Nature, Not the last food you ate. The Gas Pressure inside your system will put Pressure on your Heart, Lungs and Esophagus. The Acid and Ejectile Vomit will score your Esophagus to the point of a Hoarse Voice, and Future Difficulty Eating. (Choking on Food etc.)

The Acid will also destroy the Bacterial Balance of your digestive system, So pick up some Yogurt for when things quit flowing right. Generic FAMOTADINE can help stem the tide of excess Acid, See: Walmart. Equate is the cheap stuff, and from the empty shelves at the store, they are doing this crap to a lot of People who have been pushed to the Streets.

The Ejectile Vomit will most likely appear to be like Chocolate Milk with some 1/8" inch Bile floating around in it, but may also appear anywhere from yellowish-green, to dark brown and black.

When My Sister died in 2015, there was Brown Spots of Ejectile Vomit all over the carpet between the bedroom and the living room, where the Medics picked her up for transport to the Emergency Room at Mercy San Juan Hospital.

We discovered this when we returned to her Apartment to gather her belongings after her passing.

I told her about what was going on, about the Ray Gun. She did not believe me, and once she lay immobilized in the Living Room Chair, she never had a chance. I have lived with these type of attacks since November of 2011 as reported here on Portland Indymedia.


You had better learn these skills, for as Our Country seems to be moving at a very fast pace toward economic collapse, I expect more People on the Streets, and More People to be Targeted. Especially if they are Vocal about their Dissatisfaction with Government

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

I will expound on other Ray Gun Types that I have encountered personally, later, and what types of effects to expect when they are use against you.

Weapon Types - 1 thru 4 03.Dec.2019 01:23

Tracy Mapes

Weapon Types is as big o a mystery as the inclination off a Man who would use such a vile device upon his fellow man. After the Nuremberg Trials post WWII, or the Military Experimentation of the 1960's upon our own Soldiers. You would think such vile actions would have not only been taboo, but unthinkable by Men who held themselves in honor. But, this is not the case.

So ...Weapons Types is not an Accurate Title, as these Weapons are wireless, much like Wifi. So, describing the effects of such Weapons is a more valid description, as it will paint a picture of the end result.

Type 1.

Death Ray - Instant Abdominal pain within 10-15 Seconds. If you do will experience excruciating pain for the entire time you are exposed to it. Meaning if you do not recognize this as a non-medical problem very quickly, you will suffer extensive enough pain that thoughts of death might even cross you mind to end it. This is an aerial assault Weapon, and the first time I came in contact with it, I was sitting on the toilet begging for mercy. I stepped up and off of the toilet, and within 30 Seconds recovered with no additional pain.

You must understand, that when you reach this level off personal harassment, it comes with Voice to Skull communications. When the pain passed, i was told in this manner that, "You have just passed the highest security clearance ever."

During the begging for mercy, I said, "I am only doing my job, I see things and report them."

I thought the security clearance statement would mean the end of further action against my person. Unfortunately, it was not. And that was 8 years ago.

This Death Ray for lack of a better description, can penetrate just about any material you can think of. There must be some sympathetic Souls involved in this Psychotic Psychological brand of Terrorism, because someone Voice to Skull communicated to me, "I do not know what is coming?, But from the sound of things, you had better get something over your head and I mean soon."

I went to the backyard and looked around. I found 2" thick 12"x 12" Patio Bricks like they use for walk paths, and thought to myself, "Maybe these will work?"

I was living in a spare storage room in a Residential House and sleeping on the floor. I built a support shelf to hold the Bricks above my head, as my Brain seemed like the most vulnerable target. The shelf only held about 4 Patio Bricks, side to side over my head, with the rest of my body exposed.

Every night I was attacked, and every night for the next week, I would gather enough Brick in the yard to extend the Protection Area of my sleeping area by another row of 4 Bricks. Eventually it was built up to about a 6 ft. by 5 ft. area of protection. This only protected from direct Aerial Attacks. Single Patio Bricks and Ceramic Floor Tiles were used for side protection.

The month before recognizing these attacks as a Third Party Source, my hair had become microscopically thin, and clumps of hair would fall out like a cancer patient every time I took a shower just from running my hands through it. The drain had to be cleaned weekly just so the water would drain out of the tub.

I began to start receiving attacks from the side as well, these were Patrol Cars in the Citrus Heights area armed with what I assume was souped up RADAR Units, as they would park blacked out on surrounding streets and culdesacs.

After about 6 weeks of attacks since the overhead brick shelter was built, My hair stopped falling out out and was becoming stronger and more full. I remembered from my days in construction as a laborer how the wearing of T-Shirts had protected my skin from Sunburn, and how soft and supple the non-exposed areas of flesh would remain un-injured. I made cotton T-Shirts a part of my plan for self protection.

I also thought, "If T-Shirts can protect the skin? ...how about a blanket over the Patio Brick Bed Area might break up radiation before it hit the sleeping area. So, I strung up a Velour Blanket and pinned it to the side walls of the spare bedroom. The once strong blanket fell to the floor about 3 weeks later, completely destroyed as the fabric disintegrated into 1/4" Pieces, including the plastic mesh that was supposed to hold it together.

I've had similar results where I stay now, some 6-7 Years later, where i live in an 8'x7' Tool Shed, where the fabric containers on my Bicycle suffered the same result as my Velour Blanket did.

This Death Ray can be heard coming. I was attacked during the day once, and all I wanted was some sleep. I threw a 4'x8' sheet of plywood down in the Backyard, and grabbed my blanket as I ran from my room to dive for the flat plywood spot at the bottom of the yard. I could hear the rustle of the Aspen Tree leaves up above me. The leaves roared along with a high frequency sound like an oncoming freight train.

The swath off this freight train is about 30' Feet Wide, but the Centralized Beam is only about 6" inches to a 1 Foot Wide. And that's the part you have to avoid.

They found me in the Backyard as the attack commenced. I ran from the Backyard to the bedroom again, hoping to avoid their bullshit. It worked. For some reason, changing your position by 10-15 feet, they have a real problem with their telemetry, setting back up on target.

At night the sideways attacks became more present, to the point of trying to create a solid walled box that could not be penetrated, but I instantly found out that the walls only served to make the sleeping space unbearable to stay in.

So, sidewalls are out, except for Direct RADAR mitigation. By not allowing any enclosure to be complete, the RADAR diminishes to the side, and protection you. If too many attackers are present, you may have to give up and find a different place in the House to sleep, or go to a car if you have one. They can find you again, but it usually takes between 15 Minutes and 1/2 an Hour. You can sleep out in the Yard, but they will find you every 20-30 Minutes and it will not be a pleasant night's sleep.

I was attacked so heavily in 2014 from all sides, I had about a 35% vision loss when I had enrolled in Junior College in 2015. This require me to sit in direct alignment with the discussion board to read the school materials, as the Ray Gunning had rendered my eyes about 6" inches out of specification when looking at the board from the side of the Class Room.


So? ...The take away from this is, stay out of the fucking Beam. I will discuss the Ground Level RADAR as Weapon Type 2, even though it was mention in Weapon Type 1's description(Death Ray), to provide an environmental display of what I was facing at that time.


Weapon Type 2 - Later.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Weapon Type 2 03.Dec.2019 22:07

Tracy Mapes

Type 2 Weapons are Ground Based, Residential Structure, or Mobile Vehicle.

These are only identified by the direction and nature that your sleeping area, home, or homeless area is compromised, and is inclusive of any attacks from 50' Feet AGL to Ground Level.

They may come in the form of Police/Squad Cars, Vans, RV's, TV Live Trucks w/Boom Ext., Commercial Vehicles, 1 & 2 Story Residential Structures.

Effects: High Pitched Frequency Sound, Heat, Ear Pain, Visual Degradation/Diminished Sight in the form of Halos around bright lights, variance of stereoscopic focus between eyes, Circulation Problems, often showing up in the lower extremities, Black and Blue toes, ankles, feet, swelling and open sores. Additionally, fat cell areas will release water, pulmonary edema and gas. Gas will be expelled thru flatus and belching.

This may also make your head numb and "fuzzy" feeling.

In the previous Weapon 1 description, was described the attack in which I lost approximately 35% of my visual acuity, that took between 6 and 8 months to recover, while I attended College.

Once I found out about the use of Patrol Vehicles, darked out in the neighborhood, I decided to leave them a present in areas they would frequent, and it must have had some effect, as the Police had a Patrol Car running up and down the streets belting out announcements off their bullhorn about "We know you are out there!" - "We have you on Video Tape!"

I just let it pass. I figured if enough People got pissed about it or it cut expensively deep in their pocketbooks, that they would quit the heinous Ray Gun shit.

$400 to $500 Hundred Dollars of New Tires can cure just about anybody of anything. If not just for the inconvenience, explaining to your Commanding Officer why your Car is in the shop again should be a generalized wake-up call that you're fucking with the wrong person.

Another thing I must mention in conjunction with this Weapon Type 2 and Weapon Type 3 to be described is something related to a Iraq War Microwave Weapon called a "Popper". This is rumoured to have been used to bathe unwary Iraqis in their Sleep, causing a severe erection of the penis, thus scaring the Iraqi into believing the American Enemy had the power greater than "Allah".

This erection Weapon is just a different frequency that stimulate the Pituitary Gland and Sexual Arousal to a new and very painful level, is also included within the capability of Weapon 2 and Type 3.

This Type of attack is definitely one that you will need the individual 18"x 18" Ceramic Floor Tile for personal protection. Protect your head and major organ areas.


More Later ...Attacks continue here this week, but have not been as severe after sending a message to Beale Air Force Base Facebook. It's not a direct blame, but it is a blame that American Citizens should never suffer such atrocities inside the United States, and if it's not you? ...You'd better find out who the fuck it is??? ...to eliminate the Suspicion.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Beale AFB Notice - Media

Youtube Video

Weapon Type 3 04.Dec.2019 13:05

Tracy Mapes

This is similar to Ground Based RADAR, except from the Air.

It is still very deadly like Weapon Type 1, but seems to be more of a slow cooking process. If they never turned up the pressure too high, you would most likely just succumb to eventual organ failure over time. But there will be no Biological Evidence that it was not just a simple Natural Death, as you would just be transferred to the Hospital and no police report or crime scene would be recorded.

The exact range o this device is not actually known as I was only able to measure it for an Arc of 120 Degrees for a 1 Hour period. By using the Radius x Time and Degrees of Arc, I took an average of 125 MPH as a baseline cruising speed for a Fixed-Wing Aircraft at a 60 Mile Radius which would equal 1 Hour of Travel.

Of course it could be a Helicopter with a much slower sideward sweep at a much closer range. So, a guesstimate is a guesstimate. The one thing that is not a guesstimate is that to accomplish this kind of Power Level, it would require Military Grade Hardware.

The Primary Concern in encountering this phenomenon is your safety.

1. Avoid getting in the Beam

2. Move to another location to catch brief naps.

3. You can let the Beam hit right next to You, as long as it doesn't hit you directly. (Fake Out Measure, Let them think you're unaware).

4. Move at least 15 away to a different part of the room or Yard if Outside. (They have a tough time re-adjusting to target). 15-30 Minutes of extra sleep.

5. Use an electric blanket to leave in your sleeping area to emulate a Warm Body. You use this as a decoy while sleeping on the Couch.

6. Use an 18"x18" Piece of Ceramic Floor Tile for adjustable position protection during sleep Hours.

7. Seperate yourself from your Cellphones during Sleep, put in a Drawer, or in your Car. (They may use it for targeting your location).

8. If you try to tell a Hospital about your illness from these devices, they will discount your Account. I was told I was suffering Congestive Heart Failure, but that was bullshit, as after a brief period of avoiding the contact with the device, I was able to Ride my Bike for 26 Miles, and 28 Miles, back to back, consecutive days.

9. Keep Famotidine on hand for Acid Control. 2 - 3 a week should cover you. $10 for 200 tablets 20mg Brand Equate.

10. Always keep a couple small Yogurts on hand to help stabilize your Digestive Tract.

11. Feed Yourself, get plenty of Air, Exercise. You must care for yourself, these People will not.

12. Hydration, force yourself to Drink Water! You may become dehydrated from excessive Sleep Deprivation. Long periods of trying regain precious sleep may mean you are bed ridden for extended periods of the day, or days. You will lose too much Water and it can even result in your Body Rejecting Water Absorption. This is not good, and may take a longtime to recover from. Dehydration may also induce Diverticulitis, and Intestinal Blockage. Along with prolonged RADAR Exposure - This May Kill You! Water Hydration will also help you regain Memory and "Fuzzy" Thinking. Just like a Battery, You need Water to allow your Body and Nervous System to function properly.

13. Salt Tablets and Gatorade. Replace what your Body loses.

14. If you have Voice to Skull Problems? ...Do not start talking to the Source as they Question You, They are only using your Voice to Home in on Your Position. You will know when the High Pitched Squeal becomes louder and louder. They use this Audio Opportunity to find your location, just as they use Thermal Imaging to find your location during rest or sleep.

15. I do not yet know if a common Traffic RADAR Detector would warn you of this type of activity. It seems loud enough and hot enough, that there should be some physical means of detection besides getting your body trashed. (X,K,Laser, RADAR Detector).


This will give you the Tools to Survive. I'm not saying Life will be fun, because it hasn't been that great for me over the last 8 years.


More Weapon Types later ...

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Example: Eileen Wuornos in Prison, this stuff is Real, and has only surfaced here and places like the Navy Yard Shooting.

The Sunken Eyes, and 1000 Thousand Yard Stare Come from Dehydration, and RADAR Frequency. The delusional hope for Heaven is the result of the RADAR destroying everything that was understood as Humanity.

Navy Yard Shooter

The government contractor who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard last week "was driven by delusions" that he was being controlled by low-frequency radio waves and scratched the words "End the torment!" on the barrel of the shotgun he used.

Weapon Type 4 04.Dec.2019 23:59

Tracy Mapes

Weapon Type 4 ...

Weapon Type 4 is the most like Weapon that you will be faced with if you seriously offend Law-Enforcement, the Power Structure, Local or Federal Government, or Private Security Corp. You may be attacked by Local Law-Enforcement, Private Security Contractors, National Guard, U.S. Military, FBI, etc. There's a lot of People to legitimately offend, and a lot of shit they can throw your direction when they realize you know that they are Criminals. They do not like the light off truth shinning in their faces.

Weapon Type 4 comes in 2 Packages. Your standard Walk-Thru Metal Detector Station, and Hand Held Model that can fit in a Truck bed or Large Car Trunk. I was first hit with this Weapon Type 4 around 2008, in 4 different instances.

The initial effect is achieved near instantly, and you will find yourself immediately situationally confused. You will be light headed, off balance, and slur your thoughts, words or statements. When speaking, you may often repeat words, like "I was just going to the the bathroom". And when Writing, you may repeat words in a similar fashion, The, the, and then then are common, and the transposition off letters within a word are also common. Such instances may include: teh, tehn, or similar misspellings. You will know the Ray Gun fucked you up because you never spelled words in that manner before, and now it may happen far too obviously often.

I heard the phenomenon described on a weekend episode of the Today Show, way back when in 2007, when Campbell Brown described the effect as like someone taking a Box of Scrabble and violently throwing it on a table top. Then your brain has to try and make sense of it. Very disturbing to a Person normally of full faculty to experience.

Apparently, The TV (Handlers) for lack of a better term need to bring Media Personnel into line, this Weapon Type 4 is used to censure them. I saw the same type of thing happen to Basketball Great Charles Barkley on a weekend sports show. He was having a little bit too much fun with his on screen Co-Hosts in a manner that offended the TV Handlers, and he was shot with such a device.

He instantly became delirious and lost his communicative faculties, so he grabbed a fishing hat and said, "Well? ...I know what I'm doing this weekend!" He was not able to continue the show.

In my case, I was shot at a frequented fast food place on Fulton Ave. in Sacramento, CA. They used the device to shoot me thru the wall of the Kitchen, to the Dining Area, and I immediately experienced all of the above described symptoms. The Manager immediately ran to my side, and stuffed a local newspaper in my face and said, "Can You read me this Name?"

I said, "I don't know, I think that it's Russian?" in a slurred voice. He said, "That's right!

Then I said, "I think it's high school or something?" - still confused by the exchange. He said, "That's Right! This is High School!"


When I first arrived at this fast food store, there was a white girl I had never seen behind the Service Counter. She came over by my table pretending to clean tables when she yelled in an overly loud voice, "Over Here!" as she quickly moved back toward the front of the store. I got "Zapped!" right then. Then the Manager came over to do his speal. He said, "You know, when I wanted to get a clean shot of my kid, there was always a Russian Photographer getting in my way."

In hindsight, I was a very successful News Photographer that sped around town at a hundred miles an hour to get my stories. I'm guessing the Metaphor this guy was using was me being the Rushing Photographer? ...and a Clean Shot of Mike Kidd was a reference to Methamphetamine being dropped by the KCRA Channel 3 Helicopter Pilot, Michael Kidd, and because I was always on scene too fast, they couldn't make their Narcotics Exchange between the Helicopter and the Ground Medics. These guys are all hooked up with the National Guard in a Major Military town that was Demilitarized by the year 2000 under the Military Base draw down of the mid-1990's.

They are using the Channel 3 KCRA Helicopter to distribute Narcotics in Sacramento County.

Anyway, I grabbed my food and got to my truck parked in the back lot of the Jimboy's Taco around 3200 Fulton Ave. I was still very delirious but I was concerned about the 9mm Glock locked in the truck on the front seat. As I sat and tried to regather my faculties, I saw the store Manager and another man with white hair loading a heavy case like they use to transport Photography Equipment into a Double Cab dark blue truck. I was so out of it from the Ray Gun attack, I didn't think to get the License Plate, even though I had a 35mm Digital Camera setting right next to me on the seat.

It took me 2 years to find that truck, and I found it in the most unusual way. In 2006, I had caught the USAF/ANG 162nd Combat Comm. Wing at 3900 Roseville Rd. disrupting my Cellular Phone service via Tower #SAO56. I reported this finding on U.S. Indymedia which is the very first use of the Red 'X' to mark an enemy target. The U.S. Indymedia site no longer maintains the page, but maybe The Wayback Machine might?

I found them by Reverse Triangulating where my Cellphone would make a call, and not make a call in my neighborhood. As I marked out the coordinates in my map book, it began to form a perfect semi-circle. I took a string and a pencil to find the completed circle, and then the Center. That's when I found the Cell Tower #SAO56, and the Camo Microwave Dish pointing a 1/4 Mile away to the USAF/Air National Guard Station on Roseville Rd.

I called and complained to AT&T about the incident. The Military hardware was removed 1 Month later, but not before I had photographed it and the entire Military Base 360 Degrees around. This was 2006 around October.

Inadvertently, in 2010 after going thru my old photos, did I find the Double Cab dark blue Truck parked on the 3900 Roseville Rd. USAF/ANG Base parking lot. The same truck that had attacked me in 2008 at the Jimboy's Taco.

BINGO! - as I was writing about the Domestic Spy Program instituted by then President George Bush. The National Guard Unit in Rancho Cordova at Mather Air Force Base, had already been caught spying on Code Pink and others like Journalists. I never though I would rise to the level of their interests, but apparently I was wrong.

I will write more about this later. I find it very tiring to dig all this shit up again after so many years, but I know it's important to be documented so other Americans can understand how badly our Country has been getting fucked. And how to protect yourself the best you can if you find yourself or a friend in trouble.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

2006 FIOA Document with Highlights from 2011 05.Dec.2019 01:11

Tracy Mapes

2011 Additional Info, this is not new Info, just realize the Atrocities Continue 05.Dec.2019 01:14

Tracy Mapes

Weapon Type 4 Continued .......... 06.Dec.2019 01:27

Tracy Mapes

The trouble with this Weapon Type 4 is that it can turn you into an Instant Retard for 10 to 15 Minutes.

You Will lose your Balance, Be Confused, Slur Words, take extra time to evaluate your Environment or Answer Questions.

Residual effects of Mis-Spelling, and Mis-Speaking can last 3 Weeks. (the-the, teh, and-and, etc.) I have also seen this phenomenon on chatboard messages in other People's Writing, and since my experience, my own Writing as well.

This is a Very Dangerous device, as it can instantly compromise the Public's Perception of your Competence in used against you in a Public Environment.


Now I will describe My Personal experiences when confronted with the effects of this device. The first was at the Taco restaurant described in the last Blog entry.

The 2nd was at the Sacramento City Police Dept. Main Facility on Freeport Blvd. in South Sacramento. After leaving the Jimboy's Taco at 3200 Fulton Ave.

I had to set in my truck at the back of the restaurant before I felt like I could drive safely even with some difficulty. I knew I want to see if I could get rid of my 9mm Glock that was setting on the front seat of the truck, so, in my compromised condition of being homeless and living in the truck would not lead to the gun getting into the possession of anyone else, leading to some crime or injury to anyone.

So, I decided to take it to the Sacramento City Police Dept. to see if I could get Lt. Daniel Hahn to secure the 9mm Glock for 6 months or until I could improve my living conditions. As I arrived at the front parking lot, I was very nervous. I left the gun in its secure locked box on the front seat of my truck. As I entered the Building, I quickly noticed that the place had some significant security upgrades since my time as a Newsman in Sacramento.

There were uniformed security guards with a Check-in Desk, and a standard Walk-Thru Metal Detector. As I was invited to walk through the Metal Detector, I was 'Zapped" as I went through, and I immediately lost balance. I knew what had happened from the earlier attack at the Jimboy's Taco.

So, as best I could, I tried to maintain my composure as I tried to make my way to the Second Security Check-in Desk about 30 feet away. The first security desk guy ran over to me, and asked if I need any assistance, as if he knew exactly what had happened to me. I said, "No, I will be OK".

With great difficulty, both physically and mentally, I made my way to the Second Security Check-in, and made my request to see Daniel Hahn. They told me that he was not stationed at that facility, but that he was stationed at the Marysville Blvd. Police Facility.

I turned, and left the Building, and made my way back to the truck. There was no fucking way I was going to try and explain why I was there or why I wanted to talk to Daniel Hahn. No way was I going to tell them about the gun after that Bullshit. I knew Daniel Hahn from when I was a freelance news guy, and he was the Sacramento City Police Public Information Officer. I felt that I could trust him at the time, and I had even gone to his office to share an enlarged Photo of him in the field near Fee Dr. and Highway 160, when he had inadvertently injured his ear on a fence, which had drew some blood.

Lt. Daniel Hahn has quite a history in the Sacramento Valley. After Lt. Hahn, came Chief Hahn of the Roseville City Police Dept. and then became the Chief of Police in the City of Sacramento as the Current Police Chief.

I did finally catch up with Lt. Hahn in 2009 afet I had lost my truck, and was on a bicycle. I went to the Marysville Blvd. Police Facility, and he met me in the front of the building. I didn't mention the gun thing or incident, as I was there to test the waters on his status and understanding of my situation.

He didn't seem to be the vibrant person that I knew before. He was very pasty faced compared to his normally glowing black complexion and he had probably put on 15-30 lbs. of weight compared to my remembered athletic self of about 2004. I told him about the corruption I had found in the Sacramento News Industry, and how I had identified over 80 Persons that were prostitutes in the Sacramento Area that were involved. He said, "That sure would be an amazing story if it was true".

I said, "It is!, and I'm afraid it might have something to do with that Corner Stone," as I pointed to the Freemasons Plaque inbedded in the front entry floor of the Police Station near the courtesy phone. I told him to "Take Care", shook hands with him, and said "Goodbye". I felt like my World had shrunken even further than just being homeless.

In later years, I had found out that he was the driver for Sacramento City Mayor Heather Fargo anytime she needed to go somewhere. Heather Fargo is #30 on my Media Subversion List of 2010. One of the very infiltrated Sacramento Hookers that I had talked to Daniel about that last meeting.

On August 11, of 2017, Roseville Police Chief was signed on to be the Chief of Sacramento City Police Dept.

Daniel Hahn


Weapon Type 4 - To Be Continued ......

Weapon Type 4 Cont. - 06.Dec.2019 15:19

Tracy Mapes

After leaving the PD, I headed for Rancho Cordova to seek a spot to park my truck for the evening. I stopped by a place that had supplied a lot of my employment for about 20 years. I relayed to the Owner that I recognized one of his former employees as the boyfriend of One of the Prostitute Girls I knew, and told him how her and about 80 Other Subjects involved in prostitution had been infiltrated into the News Media from the Sacramento Area all the way to New York.

He said, "I can't talk to you anymore!" - "Welcome to Amerikkka!" (By Inflection). He had a little dog that always went ape-shit when I came by the office. I teased him once too many times. The Owner also had many meetings there with Fed Looking Types, as he did on that day.

I left the Business, and went to my Sister's House in Rancho Cordova, As I arrived my Sister quickly excused herself, and left me with my Brother in Law. It was very strange. My Brother in Law, who happened to work for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. as a jailer, started talking in the 3rd Person, as if someone were speaking thru him. He said, "We have little dogs that warn us, and protect us, and I want you to know that Our little Dog Just Took a Shit right in the Center of Our Office!"

So, obviously I attached it to the previous location I was just at. He also said in the 3rd Person, "Do you remember when John told you about grabbing an Inmates wrist, and forcing him to show his I.D. bracelet? - Well? ...He doesn't do that anymore."

John got up from his chair and walked over to the front window where I was sitting on the couch, and reached just behind my head like he was adjusting a curtain. In my peripheral vision I could see him hols some device near the backside of my head, of which I can only assume was a pointer laser.

Just after that point, I got shot with the Type 4 Weapon again, in the back of the head. I instantly recognized the effect, and assumed it to come from the neighbor's house across the street. I measured the distance today with the assistance of the Litchi App I use to Pilot my drones. (See: NFL Games disrupted by Drone Dropping Leaflets 11-26-2017). The measured distance will give you an Idea of the effective range off this ground based Weapons System.

My Sister and Brother in Law reside on a Culdesac, so pinpointing the house John looked toward seemed pretty easy.

204' feet is the Distance I Recorded. 204' feet, and You're an Instant Retard for 15 Minute, plus 3 Weeks of recovery.

I got up, and said, "I have to leave!" - Staggering back to my vehicle. This was 3 times in One Day. I got a pretty good feel that they were trying like hell to diminish my capacity. I do not need this shit, especially from relatives. Yet, I feel torn because of the relationship. Family is always supposed to be on your side, yet I know these People have been compromised by the Sheriff's Dept that John worked for, so I have some sympathy as well, despite them being the gateway to this living hell I live with now. Other interesting note: John used to be stationed at Beale Air Force Base in Marysville CA, as a Sgt. working with flight and fueling operations on the SR-71 Blackbird during and around 1972-1976. I've appealed to the base for Answers, and never gotten any. They are a Military Intelligence Wing
and I thought the fact that I had told them that my Brother in Law had been compromised, it would have been the Natural Instinct to Investigate the matter, since John was in the Air Force Blackbird Family. No One seems to have Family Values anymore.The 162nd Combat Communication Wing was moved to Beale Air Force Base from its Roseville Rd. location sometime after I had Marked it on the Internet as a Domestic Spy Program perpetrator against American Citizens.

This was all before I lost my truck for driving on a suspended license, bad tags, and no insurance. That was a totally different trip through this County's version of a Circus Hell.

The only other time that I encountered this Weapon Type 4, was in 2009 after I had lost my truck, and was on my bicycle. I went to my other Brother in Law's apartment in the McClellan Park former Air Force Base to inform the Family that I was Homeless on the Bicycle. He gave me a piece of paper with his phone number on it, and a Governor Brown address on the backside. As I was leaving this location, I got blasted with the Weapon Type 4 from the neighbor's apartment directly across the walk path from my Brother in Law's Apt. My Sister that passed away in 2015 used to live in the Garage of this Apartment Complex on Dudley Blvd.

So? ...This concludes my exposure to Weapon Type 4. I am going to share 1 more Weapon Type that I encountered after 2011.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes <---(I sign my name like this because, when you've been alone in this battle for so long, stripped of your Family, it's really me saying, "Take Care, Tracy, there isn't anyone else out there." I hope you don't mind the self indulgence.

So? ...The Bonus Weapon Type 5 06.Dec.2019 20:29

Tracy Mapes

Bonus Weapon Type 5

I describe this as a Bonus Weapon because even though I got to experience it 4 or 5 times when I lived in Citrus Heights, CA, I still like to think o it as a Novel Experience, even though the first time I got hit with it, I thought I was dying and "They" the unknown "They" had finally killed me.

When I got hit the First time with it, I immediately lost equilibrium and was headed straight to the floor in a vertical manner. I grabbed for a desk to steady myself, and hold myself up. This was some crazy shit, and once I got out of the Ray's Path, I quickly recovered. What I found is that whomever was doing the shooting? ...They were shooting the thing from a ground position from one of the houses down the street on Ziebell Ct.

Their mistake was, I slept on the floor, so when I would wake up, the Beam or Ray was shooting about 1 foot above my head, so when I sat up a bit, BAM! I would get "Zapped!" and then I figured I could play with it and figure out the effects so I could report it. Well? ...What I found out was this is One of the Non-Lethal Weapons list in the 2006 Army FOIA Act that utilizes a 155Db Sound Device that is projected at a frequency that is inaudible to the Human Ear.

The effects are immediately dis-orienting because it disrupts the Inner Ear (Cochlea), and ruins your internal balance mechanism for the period of exposure. The other effect is the "Room Spinning" effect, but as you slow down to examine it, the Room is not spinning at all, but your Eyes go into a convulsive rapid back and fourth motion in the full range of your Left to Right Peripheral Vision. So while the Room seems to be Spinning, it's just your Eyes moving back and forth as fast as they can creating a 1/4 to 1/3 Room Spin Effect. I'l see if I can make an animated GIF to simulate the Effect so you don't have to guess what it looks like.

155 Db Effect GIF

Take Care, Tracy Mapes
Bio-Effects Non-Lethal FIOA 2006 File
Bio-Effects Non-Lethal FIOA 2006 File

The Current State of Attack 08.Dec.2019 00:31

Tracy Mapes

Before I installed additional Ceramic Floor Tiles on the back fence, about 10-12' feet away from the Tool Shed I live in, there were nightly attacks so severe that I had to leave the building, and go sleep in my car.

This was unbearable, with trying to find sleep, between the demands of School Attendance and Court Appearances. I believe they have extended the Court appearances so many times to further burden me in the hopes that the Ruy Gun attacks will render me Incompetent, or make further obligations on me to attend Court impossible, thus drawing a Failure to Appear Status with no regard to Homeless hardship.

They know I have a low financial status, and while the Ordinary Citizen is held responsible for Court Appearances, the State knows no Penalty for continuing your Case over and over and over. Yet, you the Citizen bare that burden.


So, since I added 1 interior 18"x18" Ceramic Tile that I can use to block attacks from various directions during the night, and moving my sleeping position within the shelter, I have been able to stay and sleep, with difficulty, in the same room that is being attacked. Sometimes I will fall asleep, and during sleep you cannot reactively protect yourself, and this results in waking up very sick and experiencing ejectile vomit of bile. Due to the long period of Saturation by the device, you may be sick for several hours.

Vomit out everything you can, then take a couple Famotidine Tablets to kill the stomach acid generated from stimulation of your organs during the attack.


Before the staving off of attacks with Ceramic Tiles, the primary health concern was Circulation of your Blood. The micro-vibrations of Blood and Body Cells during an attack seem to be killing off Blood Cells in the Blood Stream, and the Dead Cells are being pumped out to the end of your Arteries and clogging up the Circulatory System. Toes, Feet, Fingers become susceptible to Injury and Infection Internally.

My Sisters Death began a month before when 1 of Her toes was injured and became Gangrenous. Losing all exterior flesh after rotting and turning Black. Eventually resulting in a 1 Month Hospitalization and contraction of the MRSA Virus while under inpatient care. Then being released and Re-Hospitalized a Week later, after threatening to sue the Hospital and Doctor for Malpractice for the loss of her appendage.


"They" are blaming these multiple Amputations on Diabetes and other Health Ailments to cover the Murder of Millions of Americans.


The time I went to the Emergency Room myself for Circulatory Foot problems, I had my blood sampled for Blood Sugar just because I have never had a Diabetic History. I came back as a Blood Sugar of 95. The very last time I went to the ER for internal organ injury and foot problems, I was told that I had Congestive Heart Failure. Bullshit! With less Ray Gun involvement and attacks, I was able to ride my Bike nearly 60 miles on two consecutive days during the Forth of July Weekend of 2019.


So? ...The net time you Hear about a loved One, Friend or Neighbor losing a Toe, Foot or other Appendage to Diabetes? Think Again. First? ...Were they ever Politically active? Were they Concerned Citizens? Did they have any negative contacts with Law-Enforcement?

These are the Questions that may find the Source of this kind of Bullshit.


On to Personal Experience and Health Effects. Pictures Speak Louder Than Words.

What Else Do You Need to Know? ... 09.Dec.2019 03:50

Tracy Mapes

If You've found that you've ended up with Voice to Skull Problems?

The first thing to do if You live in a Residential Structure or Apartment, is lose your Land Lines of your Telephone System. Some harassment comes through by these Lines as a means of disrupting your Life by making you Uncomfortable and causing Sleep Deprivation.

This mean discontinuing your Land Line Service, and Also disconnecting the Service Wires at the Telephone Box. (Usually Small Locked Plastic Box). Or? ...Cut the Wires at the Foundation of the House. (Usually, Green or Red Wire, or Un-Plug CAT5 or CAT6 Wire with Blue or Gray Insulation).


Isolate Your Cellphones from your Bed Area at night, by either Shielding them from you, or Leave them in the Car. I'm not so concerned with low level radiation that they always complain about, but more with whatever else that can send Audibly or Sub-Audible to disrupt Sleep.

Again, 5/16" Ceramic Floor Tiles seem like the Convenient Go-To Option for in House Shielding and Accessible Availability via Lowe's or Home Depot etc.

Take these measures can reduce Electronic Harassment by up to 80% in "Noise" Reduction.  https://live.staticflickr.com/5338/17693341138_7a219bd21c_h.jpg


AC Power Wiring in a Home, Apartment or Shed may be being Manipulated in a Similar Manner as the Land Line Wire, but everyone needs Power these days, Right?

Take Care, Tracy Mapes