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F T P in New York class war coming!!

With the 20th anniversary of the WTO here it like Portland Indymedia has pretty much become irrelevant. Has it been fully co opted be Liberals finally?
The youth are rising up all over the world everyone here should go support them at Pioneer square this Friday at Noon. Here is a link to watch is happening in New York and on the West Coast come support the class war!!  https://itsgoingdown.org/off-the-rails/

internet platforms, journalism and activism tactics 27.Nov.2019 00:15

You Be ....

indymedia is a non corporate independent platform to report whats going on by citizen journalist
reporting on indymedia is still relevant today, but requires people to contribute and engage with it
the internet was a baby when WTO started, today social movements are using a multitude of reporting tools
the platform is still here and it offers the same tactics as it always has

( I hope so... but ) ItsGoingDown involved, ain't gonna happen. 28.Nov.2019 01:18


anyway class / popular 'movements' will not stop the total global economic collapse imminent within several months.

That will serve as the catalyst for subsequent civilization / societal / economic change.