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A Cautionary Tale About the Hole Stealth Cure

Mental Health Care Nightmare in PDX
I no longer recommend that the poor seek mental health care services,without an arsenal of base knowledge; Without running background checks on would be providers; Without knowing who the providers are in bed with and how far they will go to eradicate a whistle blower.

Be advised, or you may end up like me, in No Man's land, with the bulk of your history erased, stripped of rights you had no idea could be so easily removed and firmly wedged between a rock and a hard place: Welcome to The Hole Stealth Cure.

We blindly place so much faith in these providers and assume they are almost saint like. But like every other profession, there are some dangerously bad players who get into the game BECAUSE they are abusers, narcissists, voyures, and they need to siphon off your life and secrets, to get a rise, to feel powerful, to take ownership.

If you are on OHP or Medicare, you are more vulnerable to these kinds of threats, as the people who engage in these behaviors tend to work exclusively with the under served. In my case, I was placed with providers who had all kinds of connections to my family and previous employers and did not notify me of their conflicts of interest. These were Hipaa and Civil Rights breaches, which the agency blatantly covered up. My providers redacted over 90% of my records and made it necessary for me to hire an attorney, to retrieve my own health file.

Protect yourself. Protect your privacy. Once your privacy has been stolen from you, you can't get it back. You are better off going to Powell's, for a self help book and your local dispensary, for some good weed. Turns out my providers are in bed with war profiteers. If I had known that, I never would have landed there in the first place.

Please be careful.