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Sacramento, CA The "Final Warning!"

by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO-Ca So, I've been over this a million times, but the gravity of the situation never seemed to reach your minds. The basic facts are: National Security level personnel are herding Felons and Prostitutes like cattle through the Capitol of Sacramento California, grooming them to be placed in Newsrooms, Political Positions, and Entertainment.
by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO-Ca So, I've been over this a million times, but the gravity of the situation never seemed to reach your minds. The basic facts are: National Security level personnel are herding Felons and Prostitutes like cattle through the Capitol of Sacramento California, grooming them to be placed in Newsrooms, Political Positions, and Entertainment.

To some, this idea of recycling the Dregs of Society's and placing them in key positions for control of all media and politics in an effort to thwart Public influence and participation, other than supplying funds through the Tax Base, and Political Donations, the ordinary Citizen has been cut out of the picture.

Beyond being able to purchase Narcotics, Pharmaceuticals, and Prostitutes to filter the laundered Money for Drug Running, Weapons, and Resources for Foreign Conflicts, they routinely "Haze" the Media and everyone from Major City Council Members to the Office of President of the United States in order to carry out this silent Coup D`Tat of Our Country.

This is not a Tom Clancey Novel, but very well could be. I will relay how I came upon their operations and an educated guess how and who the Parties Involved have been running the Country since the Assassination of JFK and the Vietnam War. Seemingly unbelieve generated before the Internet, like the CIA having over 400 Key Media Members in their Pocket, to the claim that "You could get a good Reporter cheaper than a Call Girl" Well? ...Since the fall of Joe Conforte's famed Legal Brothel in Northern Nevada, and the subsequent take over by the Federal Government, I guess they decided to "Take-Over - the Show".

The "Pike" and "Church Committee Hearings" of the Mid to Late 1970's should have began the containment of these Criminal and Corrupt Organizational Elements which can only be achieved with the direct cooperation of the FBI, DEA, Secret Service and almost every Three Lettered Word in the Federal Government, along with Organized Crime (MAFIA) influence stemming from the Sacramento/Reno/Tahoe Area toward Chicago Illinois. This is where we get many of the "Bad Actors" like Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Rod Blagojevech, James Comey. And from the Great State of Arkansas, the Clintons and the Eastern Door of the Drug Trade, Mena/Little Rock Arkansas.

After, leaving Lake Tahoe, California at the end of 1987, I found myself alone in Sacramento with a lot of free time as I plodded along trying to make a living as an Auto Mechanic, Vinyl Sider, and Firewood Sales person. During the off hours, and late into the night, I met these People on the Streets of Sacramento, Ca, in compromising positions that included the likes of Street Prostitution, Drug Procurement, and any crime that could be pursued to the obtaining of Money for that end.

In a 7 Year period of my life, from 1988 to 1995, I met these People and more than 200 more that all ended up with Key Positions mostly in the Media, and Politics, and a much smaller group that made it in the Entertainment Industry and Hollywood. I had no clue to these People's past or future at this time, only the names they used on the Street, and their personalities, and never thought I would have to deal with them again, as I had decided to leave the Street Life.

After picking up a Video Camera in 1995 as a new way of occupying my time, I met a guy at Sheriff's Work Project, and he said that he worked at Channel 31, and if I shot anything interesting, that I might think was news worthy, to bring it in to the TV Station. This started what I thought was my first Legit Job where I didn't have to do physical labor, and kept my hands clean.

JUMP FORWARD (During my news career as a freelance news stringer, I gave up Street Prostitution as a Customer, and tried to be more discreet in my late entry into Socialization as a very shy Person, by utilizing a much smaller number of tanning salons for any engagement in Prostitution.

I became very good at what I did as a freelance photojournalist, and this is even how I got informed of IMC's and Independent Media. I witnessed the "Hostile" treatment by the FBI and Law-Enforcement of Protesters and the People running SAC IMC until it got shutdown during the "GMO" Protest off 2003. After sharing some photo discs with SAC IMC, as the Media had plenty of footage, I became curious about IMC's and their fight for their brand of Justice. I began to read Portland IMC because many had traveled to Sacramento for the "GMO" Protest in 2003. I posted the same photo disc in hopes that some of the Readers might recognize themselves, or a friend, and get some free pictures of their Sacramento fight, and I've been here ever since. And Years before the Prostitution from years past came back to me like a Boom-A-Rang, and destroyed my news career.

Anyway, I didn't even put Two and Two together about the past. I just new someone stole all of my news gathering equipment January 21st of 2004, and I was more than sure it was a Professional Burglary to put me out of business as a Newsman. I didn't even really start putting together the magnitude and scope of how Big the Prostitution thing really was in relation to Our Country.

Not until the end of 2007, when a girl I chased around on the Boulevard between 1988 and 1993, mysteriously showed up on local Television
on FOX 40 as an On-Air Weather Person. This was a shock because the reason I stopped seeing her in 1993, was because she had reportedly died of an Overdose in a "Circus Circus" Motel Room in Reno, Nevada. Wow! With the introduction of Google Search, I began backtracking her career to find out when she reappeared in Society? - 1995 at a small time TV Station in Laughlin Nevada, near Bullhead City, AZ.

Then I had to recall who she and I were with at that time in history, and "BAM!" it was Bill. Bill Clinton, had hung out with her and another guy named Danny Rose. You know? ...like the West Coast Drug Addict version of the "Rose" Law Firm Family that Hillary hung out with. This is 1988, and Bill is the Governor of Arkansas, and I had no way in hell of knowing who he was at that time, but it became quite apparent what kind of horsepower can give someone make-over, a new identity, and a new life. The recognition process of the Girls from the Boulevard became really streamlined from that point on. I couldn't believe how many of them I had met. And from the lack of Government response to my reporting this Criminal Anomaly of epic proportion since reporting on various Internet outlets over the last 10 Years, the depth and involvement of U.S. National Security Personnel is not only the answer to the mystery, It's the Biggest God Damned! incidence of Corruption in U.S. History.


So I hope this helps those who are not up to speed on why I've written here on Portland IMC for 10 years.

And, the Sadness of this Story is the Gravity and Importance of the Crimes Against the People, and the fact that I can most likely not be able to carry the Flag in this matter too much longer. Sac County is trying to get a competency hold on my Person, after Firing my Public Defender, Lawyer Miralaya Freshwater for not being competent enough to defend my case of "Painting" and upside down American Flag on a Freeway Wall in Sacramento. They, have turned this case into a 2 Year fucking mess, and I'm gonna end up as the fall guy with no adequate legal representation. This negates my Right to Defend Myself, until "they" make a determination of "If they can restore my competency" in a Vandalism Case that amounted to $172 Dollars in paint and labor to repair. The original bail was $2000, and now it stands at $27,000 should I miss an appearance.

I have never used drugs in my life, nor pot, and only got drunk about 6 times between 18 and 21. I seriously do not want these assholes setting me up for a loss of all my liberties, and drug free life by making me a ward of the State, and pumping me full of their Go-Go Juice to restore my competency. I'm as sharp as I'm going to get and I don't need their Medical Forget Me Nots to turn me into a chemical lobotomy patient.


So? What's next? ...I'm going to try and post as many Sacramento Court Records that I obtained 10 Years Ago, and pair them up with who the infiltrated Persons are now. I may not be able to finish this, but by God somebody in this God Damned Country should still give a damn about how "They" are fucking U.S.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

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address: address: 5325 Elkhorn Blvd. #262, Sacramento, CA 95842

Court Records - Catherine Zeta Jones AKA Debra Marie Rentfrow 12.Nov.2019 12:28

Tracy Mapes

PDF Download

Court Records - Silvia Nast - AKA - Megyn Kelly - AKA Nicole Brown Simpson 12.Nov.2019 15:20

Tracy Mapes

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Court Records - Ann Coulter - AKA - Roger Kenny Marshall 12.Nov.2019 17:10

Tracy Mapes

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Emily Deschanel - AKA - Elizabeth Lorraine Cole 13.Nov.2019 21:35

Tracy Mapes

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Get Smart 13.Nov.2019 21:36


I am a real electrical engineer. I spent a solid decade working with microwave communications.

95% of the so-called 'information' about microwave attacks upon individuals is simply nonsense. The sheer volume of disinformation is totally vast.

Microwave electrical magnetic force, pulsed or otherwise, cannot be focused very tightly. The best achievable primary (front) 'lobe' will be 15 degrees, ten at very best.

You would not want to use 'Faraday cage' bullshit. That type of defense depends on reflecting the radiation, which is not what you need.

You want something that will SOAK UP the microwaves before they get to you. I would get the biggest viscose rayon dishcloths available and put hem in oversize polyethylene bags, saturated with water salted as much as possible with 'Morton's Lite Salt'.

As far as the 'medical world' is involved -- get as far away from them as you can. If they corner you, simply tell them that you cannot talk to them anymore. In three days, they will offer you freedom just to say one word.

They live in a fantasy world that they own, and insist that their so-called 'patients' live in that sick world, that they collect huge rent from.

Senator Kamala Harris - AKA - Carla Barros 13.Nov.2019 21:37

Tracy Mapes

PDF Download

Dear Blues - You are Off Topic 13.Nov.2019 22:18

Tracy Mapes

Like to Live? I can teach you. (8 Years Survivor)

Sister? DEAD

Faraday Cage is BS. Ceramic Floor Tile, Patio Bricks, Ceramic Clay Roof Tiles.
Leave the sides open, because if you stay in an enclosed box, you will be cooked
in one day. What ever they are using, disrupts the cell structure at the biological
Level. You will die, but all of the material in your body that is destroyed and kills
you will be blood cells. No Evidence, you will be dead.


I'm Not In The 'Prediction' Business 13.Nov.2019 22:34


Even the most seasoned sailor can never know when the rogue wave will hit.

If it works for you, then go with it.

Deepest condolences for you awful losses.

-- With great respect, blues

Michelle Obama - AKA Michelle Robinson (Maiden Name) 16.Nov.2019 16:16

Tracy Mapes

PDF Download

Michelle Kane - AKA "Bunny" + BONUS! Sonya Sota Mayor 20.Nov.2019 05:53

Tracy Mapes

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