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Americans for Safe Access Portland Chapter Planning Meeting

The Portland chapter-in-development of Americans for Safe Access will be holding a planning meeting on November 18 from 6-7:45 PM at NW Library (2300 NW Thurman St., PDX). Join us to learn more about advocating for the medical cannabis community on a local and national level.
Americans for Safe Access is a national nonprofit organization that advocates for safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic and research purposes. There are regional chapters throughout the country, but not one in Portland. We are holding a planning meeting on November 18 from 6-7:45 to begin organizing a Portland chapter. The meeting will include a brief presentation about Americans for Safe Access, a review of the chapter paperwork that must be submitted for approval, and a discussion of how our chapter can participate in regional and national campaigns. The meeting will be held at the NW Library (2300 NW Thurman St., PDX) and is open to all ages.