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Baghdadi: He's Always Been Ours

Al Baghdadi is being vilified as the most evil man who ever lived.
strange bedfellows indeed
strange bedfellows indeed
Yet six short years ago he was being hailed as a democratic freedom fighter by Senator John mcCain and given million$ in advanced weaponry and military gear to aid their fight against Assad. Of course these guys were really Jihadists of the worst sort. Of course the MSM will never remind you of all of this ancient history. Isn't it incredible that someone now being described globally as a murderous baby killer, rapist, sex slave master, be-header of US soldiers, leader of the biggest terrorist group on Earth and all around blood drinking Saracen devil was working on our behalf the entire time? McCain was the bag man. A picture is worth a thousand words. Watching Trump do Israel's dirty work in Syria is a lesson in depravity, but it's nothing new. Throwing false flagsters like Baghdadi under the Trump campaign bus at an opportune time is not surprising though. Look what he just did to hundreds of thousands of Kurds. And now he wants US troops to die for the Saudis! Adios Baghdadi and good riddance too.

Um, didn't we kill this guy like, 5 times already? 28.Oct.2019 14:48

Jody Paulson

McStain never met a war he didn't like 03.Nov.2019 00:53


consider the source.