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Burgerville Workers on Strike - PDX Burgerville workers deserve a fair contract now!

Workers at Burgerville USA are fighting for the first fast-food union contract in the country.
Boycott is STILL active until we win.
We are now on STRIKE - Show your solidarity
Burgerville workers deserve a fair contract now!

It's been nearly a year and a half since the Burgerville Workers Union entered contract negotiations with Burgerville Corporate. While we've made progress on non-economic proposals like consistent scheduling and just cause discipline, corporate has consistently stalled, ignored and dismissed our demand to end poverty wages at Burgerville.

When Corporate is ready to have a meaningful conversation about wages, talks can resume. Until then -- to the barricades. It's time to escalate and we need your support to help us win a fair contract.

Burgerville workers are now on strike.
You can support workers by providing the financial stability workers need in order to feel safe going on strike and standing up to the boss.
You can support the workers by not spending any money at Burgerville.

Your support helps us prepare for our most critical moment in the campaign yet by supporting workers on the front lines of organizing.
Boycott until the stike is over
Donate today to the Burgerville Workers Union Strike and Hardship Fund!

still pays POVERTY WAGES
Union workers have been intimidated by NAZIS


BV Corporate Twitter Page:


Negotiations back on the table 27.Oct.2019 16:13

Sunday Report from Corporate Media

Burgerville Corporate had previously said their last offer was also their "best" and "final" one. Now that they've agreed to continue wage negotiations, union workers agreed to return to work.

4 day strike gets company's attention

Sunday 10/27

Link to full story on corporate news