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Living With A Montavilla PDX Drughouse

Neighbors feel helpless with a drug house that police cant stop and need your help,
Cocaine Carmen is your SE Portland neighbor and you know that she is selling drugs on your street but the authorities don't or can't do anything about it. You have tried everything and feel helpless, so how do you protect you and your neighborhood against the scourge of drugs Cocaine Carmen has brought to your street? This is exactly what Portland's Montavilla Residents are asking themselves on the 8300 block of SE Madison.

For nearly a decade large amounts of Drugs, particularly cocaine, have been sold and distributed from an unsuspecting and rather rundown house in this Portland neighborhood. Some neighbors have known for years and others have just learned of their local drug house and dealer Cocaine Carmen. What all these frustrated victims have in common is a sense of helplessness due to Portland Police's inability to eradicate the illegal and dangerous drug enterprise from their neighborhood.

Countless telephone calls to authorities, neighborhood watch meetings and community discussions have done nothing to cease the drug activity occurring on a daily basis on SE Madison. The location just off 82nd and the homeless street traffic with shopping carts and tents have recently created a distraction and another focal point for neighbors rather than Cocaine Carmen and her drug deals, but it is business as usual for the local drug house. Unfortunately, whether the entire neighborhood watches and records dealings at the house or not, police say there isn't much they can do. No undercover operations are planned, nor are any raids slated for this community scourge.

Yes we live in America and enjoy certain freedoms, but that doesn't mean entire neighborhoods should live in fear from a drug dealer in their area, does it? So the question is being posed to you reading this...what suggestions can you offer to help this SE Portland neighborhood? If Cocaine Carmen lived on your street, what would you do? Let us know at  StopCocaineCarmen@gmail.com and perhaps the residents of SE Madison can stop living with the danger of a drug house on their block.

Illinois Police put drug house on blast 24.Oct.2019 13:04

Harmony Banks