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Crime statistics in the U.S.

These are some interesting facts about race and crime.
- A 2009 study found that black youth were most frequently discriminated against by law enforcement in white neighborhoods, especially in neighborhoods that have recent growth in black population.

- Of the 9,468 murder arrests in the US in 2017, 53.5% were black and 20.8% Hispanic. Of the 822,671 arrests for non-aggravated assault, 31.4% were black and 18.4% hispanic.

- According to the National Crime Victimization Survey in 2002, the black arrest rate for robbery was 8.55 times higher than whites, and blacks were 16 times more likely to be incarcerated for robbery than non-Hispanic whites. Robberies with white victims and black offenders were more than 12 times more common than vice versa.

- Research also shows that there is discrimination by the judicial system, which contributes to a higher number of convictions and harsher sentencing for racial minorities.

Source:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States