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People of color may be left out of $50 million in metro funds

An all white panel of four "representatives" will vote on oct 25th whether to move ahead with a $20-$50 million dollar pedestrian bridge between Oakgrove and Lake Oswego.

If approved this will disproportionably benefit white residents of the metro district,
when there are many more racially diverse areas that could benefit from these funds.
The demographics of oakgrove is 91.9% white, 1.8% African American  https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/oakgrovecdporegon/PST045218

The demographics of Lake Oswego is 87.2% white 0.6% African American

I was outraged when I read about this, and I'm hoping to draw attention to it.

The panel responsible for the vote is
Metro Councilor Christine Lewis: 503-797-1887
Email:  Christine.Lewis@oregonmetro.gov
Clackamas Commissioner Paul Savas 503-655-8581
Email:  psavas@clackamas.us
Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba: 971-404-5274
Email:  gambam@milwaukieoregon.gov
Lake Oswego City Councilor Jackie Manz: 503-939-2563
Email:  jmanz@ci.oswego.or.us

All bridges disproportionably benefit white residents 16.Oct.2019 17:35


Are you asserting that Africa Americans will pay for the proposed bridge? Should the Tilicum bridge have been built?