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Chickenshit MSM Awakens To Giuliani: Criminal, Traitor, Liar & Thief- But What About 911?

Everyone is pouncing on Rudi for being Trump's alter-ego- but what about that elephant in the room?
Ghouliani is finally getting a taste of his own medicine these days. The media, especially cable news, have gone into their unrehearsed "state of shock" mode now that America's Mayor, the certified "hero" of 911, has been revealed to be nothing more than a five cent thug posing as someone dedicated to justice. All the Mafia guys he put away for simply being Italian knew all of this long ago when Rudy ran the Southern District of N.Y. prosecutor's office and implemented the unjust "RICO" criminal statutes that railroaded so many for so little. You keep hearing these make-up and fashion casualties exclaiming "How could Giuliani act this way, and defend a fascist fool like Trump and spitting on The Constitution?" How soon they forgot his reign as NY Mayor and the 1000's of innocent citizens he harassed and brutalized with his "stop and frisk" laws and penny-ante marijuana busts. Of course 90% of the detainees and arrestees were non-white. He's always been a ruthless poseur and fake do-gooder who's used racism and cultural fears as a political weapon. Any real student of 911 soon realizes that America's Mayor and hero of 911 was actually a key component of the attack itself. WTC Bldg. #7 came down just like a Vegas hotel though no jet ever hit it and a tiny fire sure didn't didn't send all 47 stories crashing to earth in mere seconds. That building contained, among other things, (like all Exxon records in their pending trial) the personal emergency offices of Rudolf Giuliani himself. He claims he was "warned" Building Seven was "going to come down and that we should clear the area". Of course he never said exactly who it was that "told him". No one in NYFD has ever come forward to back up this claim of Rudy's. The only way anyone could know that Bldg. 7 was coming down was if they were in on the plot to demolish it with controlled demolition. One look at the video evidence and it's crystal clear this is exactly what happened. He actually had the cold hearted gall to march around with a handkerchief over his mouth through the poisonous dust just for the photo ops that would eternally enshrine him as a brave and dedicated patriot standing with his people during this terrible crisis. But Rudy was in on it from the beginning along with Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, the USAF and the Joint Chiefs. The "New Pearl Harbor" was just another take on the Old Pearl Harbor. The only thing that upsets Americans more than TV cable outages is the massive annihilation of fellow citizens- especially when it's live and in HD. It worked too. Wars in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan. Induced "Terrorism" is the big excuse for the "New" Pax Americana. Anyway, when the hell are people like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews going to finally come out of their government induced comas and realize that Rudy has ALWAYS been a double crossing bastard- that he was NEVER "America's Hero" but one of America's true MONSTERS. Like O.J. Simpson, Rudy might do time for his Ukraine follies instead of for his REAL high crimes. But he really, like O.J., deserves to rot forever.

Morphing? 30.Nov.2019 09:57


This new photo of Rudy was taken today. Look at his face! RThre's so much evil there that it's actually morphing him into a demonic being that has actually changed it's face to that of a Satanic icon. Talk about shape shifting!