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Christopher Columbus was a Woman

Christopher Columbus was a WOMAN or a "transgendered" man, basically a "homosexual." Study the "gender-markers" on the following portrait. You will also notice that the "eyebrows" look un-natural. They are un-naturally shaped in a "semi-circle" and are un-naturally "high." This is likely because the natural eyebrows were shaved-off, then painted-on again cosmetically, in "feminine" fashion.
Christopher Columbus was a WOMAN or a "transgendered" man, basically a "homosexual." Study the "gender-markers" on the following portrait. You will also notice that the "eyebrows" look un-natural. They are un-naturally shaped in a "semi-circle" and are un-naturally "high." This is likely because the natural eyebrows were shaved-off, then painted-on again cosmetically, in "feminine" fashion.

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(Oh crap, look at the handsign! Homosexual or transgendered "MASON." Since this portrait was made "before" the birth of "Adam Weisshaupt," credited with the creation of "comtemporary" Freemasonry, the "M" shaped handsign probably refers to the "Cult of Mithraas," also an ancestor of Freemasonry. The "index-finger" is also longer than the "middle-finger." This is a "female" digit-ratio, also common in male-homosexuals. In this "idealized" portrait, the shoulders were "artificially" broadened, so that the image more closely represents the ideal ANDROGYNE that the Freemasons "value" so much. Notice, that I didn't say "worship." Androgyne-homosexuals are "valued," because they are so "useful" for the dual-purposes of "conquest" and "domination." In fact, I suspect such people are "necessary," for the establishment of "violent" empires. It was said of "Julius Ceaser," that he was every woman's husband and every man's wife!)


The following "less-idealised" portrait seems more female, with sloping narrow shoulders, and shallow-set eyes.


"IF" a biological woman, "SHE" was also probably a "Lesbian." The ruling elites like to use "LGBT-psychopaths" (I'm only referring to psychopaths, NOT ALL LGBTs) "against" the population, as they are ALWAYS willing to organize "outside" of and "against" the family. They are the "AK47s" of humans. They are "LIVING WEAPONS!!!" In fact the "perfect" combination of traits for "Masonic Rulers" is [E.R.A. (Extroverted, Regulated, Adaptable), homosexual or transgendered, and "lacking" empathy and morality]. Extroverts have or can "develop" charisma. *Regulated personalities can learn "without" understanding, and readily "accept" authority. Personalities with "adaptable" role-behavior can accept "any" role in an organization, from the most-low to the most-high; and can accept "violent" discipline, even when this "discipline" includes "rape," "other-physical-violence," and "decimation." Homosexual and transgendered people can be "deployed" indefinitely without needing to return to family and friends "outside" of the organization, as they "can" get their "commeraderie" and "sex" from "within," as I must conclude they are "encouraged" to do, especially within "Military" organizations. Those without empathy or morality can and "will" carry out "any" unethical or immoral order, regardless of who gets hurt, even against "former-friends" and "family," and even if such orders include "mass-murder." Ever wonder why "commercial-corporations" are structured like the military, even when they "don't" make or sell any "military-products," and why homosexuals seem to get promoted so easily? Now, you have your answer! THEY are the "Golem" or "Nephalim." I'm "not" asking you to fight these "monsters," as they are legion. Just, learn to "recognize" them "and" their "purpose." Also, recognize that if such a person joins your group, they will "most-certainly" be an INFIL-"TRAITOR!!!" As an "aside," we may discover that "ancient-battlefields" and their "leadership" looked much "different," in-reality, than they have been, "so-far," portrayed by Hollywood and Bollywood. I suspect that this may soon change*.

The "Ugaritic-Baa'l" Goddess "Anat," possibly, comtemporary "Annette," the "transgendered" architype of "Wonder Woman," is a "leadership" icon. It repesents "their" perfect "weapon" against-the-masses. *No peasant or "worker," including "normal" homosexuals with "high-integrity" and "morality," should admire this "fictional-creature." It is the "Rulers'" icon and "our" "oppressor!!"


Ouch! I think it's clear what's being advertised.

During the "Waring-States" period in ancient China, ~500 BCE, it was not allowed to use women of childbearing age as spies, while women above childbearing age were considered men, for the purposes of espionage. This leaves a large gap in your intelligence coverage. If I were an intelligence chief, of old, I might be tempted to dress some of my eunuchs as still fertile women to fill this gap, since while still technically men and "organized" as such, they could go where no man could and return intelligence that would otherwise be inaccessible, such as the ruler's or a general's intinerary, the lay of their homes and the composition of their guard, as well as the recruitment of internal spies.


*Do you begin to see how "ALL" of us "gay-and-strait" alike were "F'd?!"

You also have political-correctness because the "FREEMASONS" run a global "PROTECTION-RACKET." THIS is why the LGBTs are getting SO-AGRESSIVE and behaving so HATEFULLY!!! Personally, I have NO PROBLEM with LGBTs who have "high-integrity," "morality" and healthy, "well-informed," empathy. Whose "junk" you put in your mouth is as "insignificant" as which toilet you choose to sit on. Sit where you like! "I do." I should also NOT have to expect to be GROOMED, because of this. THAT is what a "PROTECTION-RACKET" does.

*Let me also "suggest" a solution... The "least" violent and oppressive place to start, will be to have the LGBTs "self-regulate" their "own" psychopaths, "outside" of the "cartel." These people "F" it up for everyone and "only" succeed in creating "division," "violent-heirarchy" and "fear." I have "some" LGBT characteristics myself, and I can't tell you how much I despise violent-psychopaths. I've "gotten-it" from "both" sides, because I won't "organize" and insist on being "independent." F'm ALL! "I am what I am!" There is no need for the entirety of "our" humanity to pay for the sins of a few selfish, intransigent, immature, "weaponized," morons. Come back to the family, your return is welcome! Also, the "breeders" should get smart and not only allow, but "encourage" homosexuality to be practiced "openly." With no need to carry-on in secret, there is no more need for "secret-societies," for hooking-up. *BE AWARE, that the "breeders" have a "NUCLEAR" option. With comtemporary knowledge of how LGBTs are created "in-utero" LGBT breeding-stock could be completely "destroyed" within three generations. All this would take is careful regulation of the environent of the mother and the fetus, especially fetal hormone levels. It may also be possible to determine finger "digit-ratios" and other LGBT anatomical-markers in-utero and selectively "TERMINATE" these pregnancies. No more LGBTs, no more "Freemasons," no more "royal" bloodlines. The "12,000" year reign of terror, cruelty and mass-murder of the "Cult-of Mithraas," will be over, just that fast! Of course, then, the "Rulers" will select another "minority," or even "all" minorities, for the recruitment of their "assassins;" but, those will only be "temporary" minorities. LGBTs, have been a "stable" minority for the Rulers to draw from. Without that, it's "Game Over" for "Rulers." If "I" were the "breeders", that's what I would do! So, thoughfully "consider" how you treat the "sub-human" normals. They really do, have the "FINAL" say! At least then, I won't have to learn any "mysteries," no one will, thank god.

*The "TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE," if not the place where these "creatures" are "grown," is at-least one of their primary planning, organization, and control-centers. In particular let us consider the "Tavistock-Institute for Human-Relations." For the term "Human-Relations" substitute the word "Propaganda." It will then be much easier to understand this unit's purpose. In fact "propaganda" is what the "media" does; "government" propaganda in particular. "Assuming" the previous is correct, I must "conclude" that this is where Hollywood and Bollywood gets its direction. *Do you begin to see how we were "F'd," how we ALL were?!

BTW, lest I omit their "CV," the Tavistock-Institue proceeds from the older "Tavistock-Clinic." THEY WERE "Mi7," and engaged in psychological-warfare, during WWII. Clearly, that never stopped! Now their targets are the populations, "ALL OF THEM."


*"Where's a flock of B52's when you need them???"

*Some thoughts about the bible. Wherever, you see "The Beast" mentioned, replace that term with the word "Mafia" or "Cartel." I "think" you will find that the passage still makes sense. I also strongly suspect that the criminal "human-trafficing" mafia controlled by "The cult of Mithraas," contemporary "Freemasonry," may be intended. In fact, there are so many "Bible" references within "Intelligence-Agencies" and "Organized-Crime" (one and the same) that the "Holy-Book," may function as a "codebook" for "GANGSTERS." Is THIS why the Catholic-Church never wanted "US" to read it? Perhaps we can get something useful out of that dust-catcher after all? Personally, I would start with the Scottish-homosexual "King-James" version and work "backwards."

*If you look at some of the images of our "Female" heroes in contemporary American history, I think you will find that these "women" "don't-pass." In particular, I'm refering to "Susan B. Anthony," "Elizabeth Cady Stanton," and "Amelia Earhart." I think you may also find that some were either Freemasons or associated with Freemasonry, as "Susan B. Anthony" most certainly was. Basically, these "women" were "anatomically-male," Masonic, "mafia-bosses," living as women. Men living as women have been recorded since Roman times. Since these "anatomically-male" women, were already "bosses," you can bet, nobody was going to tell "them" they couldn't vote.

It is "uncommon" for "biological" women to become "political" or "workplace" leaders during their child-bearing years. This is as it should be. A biological woman's window of opportunity for child-bearing is extremely short. She must make the most of this time bearing and rearing children, so that her "family-line" may continue. She should-not and can-not waste "any" of this "critical" time pursuing unrealistic or "unnatural" goals. Once a successfully reproductive woman's child-bearing years are past and she is no longer fertile, she is best able to ensure the spread of her genes, by helping her daughters raise "their," children, rather than "competing" with her daughters. This is also the time when successfully reproductive women become "leaders" within their families and society. "THIS" is the "mother-goddess" that the "true" ancients revered. "We" just call her grandmother. Our elders, grandmothers and grandfathers alike in addition to their care-giving attributes are the repositories of our "cultural-memory." It is "these" people that remind us about what "Pharoh" did to us and how we must be eternally watchful, not to let the "STATE" take advantage of us again. That is why they and their knowledge must be preserved, for as long as possible; so that we may remain "free" and the "BEAST" may not put us behind the fence again. Such women and men of great "wisdom" and "integrity," who are "not" in service to the "Beast" have truely earned their honorific of "Grand." They are the guiding-light of humanity. May they live forever; and may "we" remember their wisdom and their "warnings."

cool! 13.Oct.2019 12:48


you "should" put more stuff in quotes "or" maybe "NOT". It won't "matter" much since you are a piece of "shit" bigot either way.

notice 13.Oct.2019 12:49


I didn't put the word bigot in quotes, just so it is clear that you are, in fact, a complete piece of shit bigot.