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Oregon TERF Watch

We take stock of hate and its propagandists.
Report-A-TERF Hotline seeks the community's help in identifying local TERFs


The purpose of the Oregon Report-A-TERF Hotline is simple: To inform trans, enby and gender-expansive people (and their allies) who to stay away from. In doing so we help create a safe(r) environment for trans/enby/GE folks.

We investigate reports of TERFs seriously and if allegations are warranted, they are added to our database.

What we do NOT:

Oregon Report-A-TERF Hotline does NOT condone harassment of individuals listed on our database. The data provided is purely for informational purpose only. We will not permit use of our copyrighted, proprietary data for any illegal, criminal, violent, or unethical purposes.

We also DO NOT and WILL NOT engage in "doxxing." All information gathered are from "open source" data that does not require privileged access, and/or from testimonies of those who reported a TERF.

How to report:

Email us at:

 TERFwatchOregon@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion or  ReportATERFPDX@tutanota.com


- Name(s) of suspected TERF
- Publicly accessible evidence of TERF speech or behavior (if social media, "public" posts only)
- If known, their residence or workplace (this will not be made available to public)
- Profession of suspected TERF. Note if they are public/government officials (elected or bureaucrat), educational personnel (professors, instructors, school teachers, etc.), social workers, healthcare personnel, etc. if known. Include in your report if you had any negative or adverse encounters with them during the course of receiving service or of employment.
- If known, their political affiliation
-If known, their religious affiliation
- If known, whether the TERF in question holds any position in a community organization (board of directors, volunteer, etc.)
- Any other supplementary information to assist us in investigation.

Categories of reports:

- TERF businesses and organizations
- TERF events
- TERF public officials
- TERF educators
- TERF individuals

All reports are confidential. You may report anonymously.

Thank you for helping make our community safe!

Official website:  http://terfwatchoregon.torpress2sarn7xw.onion/

homepage: homepage: http://terfwatchoregon.torpress2sarn7xw.onion/