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,,,,Welcome all to the KBOO Radio HUNGER GAMES 2019

Welcome to the Board Meeting Hunger Games!

Welcome to the KBOO Radio Hunger Games 2019

In one corner we have Theresa Mitchell long time radio host claiming she's here to "save" democracy at KBOO. Mitchell claims to want to dismantle white supremacy, apparently by spreading racist propaganda and dismissing concerns of People of Color as "hysteria". Always controversial, her methods include stalking investigators hired by KBOO and doxxing station managers and anyone who gets in her way. And imagining she has 600 signatures on her petition of 580, though she seems to have dropped that now.

In the other corner is Board President Ruban Lawrence, an actual person of color who has survived real ordeals of racism. Notable actions include insisting on being the adult in the room and professional courteous behavior, no matter how much Mitchell attempts to provoke him or her crazed fans scream and shout him down when he's trying to explain himself.

It's shaping up to be a showdown to rival The Lynn Fitch Witchhunt of 2013.
It's not democracy, but if Theresa Mitchell says it is enough times enough people will believe her because they have Stockholm's Syndrome..

Welcome to the Board Meeting Hunger Games!


September 23, 2019 , 6pm
Salvation Army Dining Room
211 NE 18th Ave.

we won, asshole 24.Sep.2019 17:36

fuck you

hey Effie Trinket ~

from the evening of Monday, 9/24, a statement from the widely respected Theresa Mitchell:

"Here's the latest on the situation at KBOO: we had a regular Board meeting at the Salvation Army's facilities. There was quorum; Ruban and Katmeow attended by phone, and Danielle, Ruba, Ray, Marvin, and Sarah were there. The Budget passed, and I asked to be appointed (in addition to my three year term) in the last few days' worth of Shahid's seat--and they agreed.

Rachel Pfeffer, Interim Station Manager, had a 'Station Transformation" proposal to address cultural pressure against people of color, but it was flawed in that it proposed a structure outside of Bylaws; I moved to table it, and that passed, so it doesn't come up until the end of October.

Then I moved to remove Danielle Parks "for cause," igniting quite a controversy, which ended with danielle being voted off the Board with four in favor, two abstaining, and Ruban voting against. (Per Bylaws, Danielle wasn't allowed to vote on her own removal.) The meeting adjourned with Rachel Pfeffer, Interim Station Manager, saying that she was resigning."

and you are so full of it regarding Ruban lol!! what i have personally seen the past 3 months; if someone calls ruban out because of his unethical bullshit, it's because of the color of his skin, or, his gender preference, or whatever victim card he chooses to play. it has come out that he purposely misled (lied to) vols and staff when speaking of the ouster of Ani Raven Haines. and it looks like he, danielle ruban, and rachel will any minute be taken to task for the thousands of dollars SQUANDERED by them in their failed effort to pull off their coup. OF COURSE rachel is gonna bail, lol.


the nightmare is over!! three down, one to go. suck it up, bitches. KBOO IS BACK.

Ghost Trooper Theresa Mitchell strikes again! 28.Sep.2019 08:31


How many lies and how many times did Theresa....who sounds a lot like the commenter above... change her story before the mob of gullible aging hippies who can't do simple Google searches were convinced Theresa was victimised enough to turn out to defend her?

This is like bragging about stealing candy from a baby.

First Theresa was outraged Ani Haines was being investigated after harassing a fellow employee. That was where the accusations of miss spent funds came from. She was also mad the investigation into misconduct wasn't transparent iow Theresa couldn't get info to harass the victim. Then they were taking over or some bullshit.
That was May.

Even the barely 580 sign petition clearly has people signing to REHIRE ANI.

When that failed to bring out the masses at the annual membership meeting Theresa CHANGED HER STORY and claimed to be bullied for be trans.

So yay you win because of 4 months of relentless lying to the membership.

And considering Theresa was elected without a quorum , this "win" might be shorter than you think....

Ghost Trooper Theresa Mitchell should contact the ACLU 28.Sep.2019 08:43


And yes Mitchell did dox people, including a member, and digging up mugshots in an irrelevant intimidation tactic. She did threaten to dox the next manager ON PUBLIC AIR WAVES and no that doesn't just mean vetting someone. It means using information to incite a harassment mob.

If Mitchell was too ignorant or dumb to know that, she should retire.

But since now her story is she being bullied for being trans(and she's apparently working agism into her morphing tale), she should contact the ACLU. And maybe the trans community.
What do ya wanna bet, the Portland trans community is wise to Theresa Mitchell's bullshit? She never mentions them....

oh please 28.Sep.2019 09:14

endless moaning and groaning

sounds like someone has a chip on their shoulder and has their underwear all bunched up so they come to this site to cry their tears. will indymedia readers have to listen to the moans and wailing from this lone complainer for the next century. sad to say, but probably the answer is yes. it wouldn't surprise me if the endless ranting and sniffling continues forever and ever and the underwear bunching never resides for this poor soul.

you're right, that sounds exactly Theresa! 28.Sep.2019 09:33


"sounds like someone has a chip on their shoulder and has their underwear all bunched up "
That's her MO to a T!

Where is this statement from respected .... LOLOL....non journalist Theresa Mitchell anyway? It's not on kboo Facebook or Twitter. It's not even on Theresa's kboo Twitter account.
Gosh it's as if she doesn't represent kboo at all and is just exploiting membership for her own agenda....

BTW: "Effie trinket' Is a character from the Hunger Games movies. See what you miss when you avoid pop culture?

Yes, I Am Kyle Brun! 29.Sep.2019 09:12


And I'm responsible for every bad thing ever said about kboo ever! Even before I knew about kboo! That's how us sneaky corporate shills work! Bwaahahaaaa!

"endless" is an assclown. And should probably stop obsessing about people's underwear.

Wow 01.Oct.2019 17:56


What a sore loser.

My thoughts exsctly 03.Oct.2019 14:57

Endless moaning and groaning

Poor loser is right. The votes were cast. Now it appears this is the crybaby / bunched up time to complain.

You lost the Hungry (whatever) Games!
Turn off your TV
Adjust your bunch
Turn on community radio