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When will KBOO "management"apologize?

Shall aggression go without comment? Do transgender women deserve equality and respect from KBOO officers?
Earlier this year, Christie, an old ex-friend of mine, and Anne-Marie of HR answers, then an employee or contractor with KBOO radio, met at PK restaurant to discuss the 18 years of the volunteer coordinator's employment. It was a fishing expedition, seeking damaging revelations, in which my sexual orientation, gender dysphoria, and proclivities were brought up along with my spouse's, and discussed so loudly, that a friend of mine actually noticed from across the room, and photographed that congress in action.

Of course I find it very disturbing to think that, under the color of an official and (by pretense) necessary action, my personal behavior and intimate details of my personal life should be discussed--and mocked-- loudly in public.

The "investigation" failed, by admission of KBOO, to find any wrongdoing, but it resulted in public insults which continue to this day, and even on this forum.

That fact, that I was defamed, has been brought to the KBOO board months ago. And yet there has never been any attempt to address, explain, or apologize for that action.

I consider it a gross violation of my privacy, and as it has been proven, it was an act of public defamation without legitimate basis, and an act of defamation. That effort was clearly part of a general campaign to break up the union power of the staff at KBOO. My spouse was a union steward, you see. More than that, her long and vigorous efforts to support the viability of the station had given her great knowledge and power within the proceedings of the democratic deliberative bodies that make up KBOO.

So my question is: when will the current Board leadership of KBOO apologize for their aggressive invasion of my privacy? I've been waiting for a long time for an answer. The issue has never been brought up by the Board, and has never been addressed.

I am still waiting.

homepage: homepage: http://Savekboo.com

Stop lying and deflecting Theresa. No one thinks trans people are mentally ill 20.Sep.2019 13:56


People think you're mentally ill because of years and decades long behavior including:

Spliting and projecting your behavior
Manipulating trusting and vulnerable people
Exaggerating your/Kboo's role in progressive activism
Making up stories about how victimized you after spreading lies about people
Tone deaf to your own hypocrisy
Spreading wacked out right wing conspiracies
Claiming to be a journalist when you clearly aren't. If you were you wouldn't spread wacked out right-wing conspiracies.
Never apologizing or admitting you're wrong
Doubling down on all the above
Blaming all your problems you brought on yourself either on people you don't like or mysterious forces/Mossad
Apparently trying to get access to the employee who made the complaint about Ani
Mocking concerns from POC

Doing all the above and still claiming you are a feminist willing to to confront your white privilege
Then trying to deflect the conversation to claim the REAL REAL reason all this is happening is people don't like you're trans.

No. Just no. YOU did all this Mitchell. And you started MAY 20 the day Ani was put on leave.

It have NOTHING to do with you being trans so get out of town with that fake ass shit.

Wow, the right-wing meme again! 20.Sep.2019 18:39


A blast from the past (2013)--the idea that Theresa is a covert right-winger! Little do they know...she's actually from Venus

reading comprehension matters 20.Sep.2019 19:39


"A blast from the past (2013)--the idea that Theresa is a covert right-winger! "

funny, the statements were actually
"Spreading wacked out right wing conspiracies
Claiming to be a journalist when you clearly aren't. If you were you wouldn't spread wacked out right-wing conspiracies."

and this is true, she worked with ghost troop to save portland from being nuked


"Captain May to discuss TOPOFF/Vigilant Shield on KBOO
author: theresa mitchell
Ghost Troop founder and Texas Iconoclast writer for Military Affairs to be interviewed on KBOO 90.7 FM/kboo.fm tomorrow 9AM
Tomorrow on KBOO, I'll be interviewing Captain May again. I had him on my show previous to the Noble Resolve exercise, and I'm glad to have him back."


KBOO-FM Supports Chicago False Flag Scenario by Cpt. Eric H. May
author: Cpt. Eric H. May
"I think you saved our asses against a Sears Tower demolition. I have little doubt that the Mossad/neocon factions are plotting Plan B."
--- On Mon, 2/16/09, Captain May <  captainmay@prodigy.net> wrote:

From: Captain May <  captainmay@prodigy.net>
Subject: KBOO-FM Supports Chicago False Flag Scenario
To:  captainmay@prodigy.net
Date: Monday, February 16, 2009, 10:24 PM

KBOO-FM Supports Chicago False Flag Scenario

On Sun, 2/15/09, Theresa Mitchell wrote:

Dear Capt. May,

Well, I know I said it before, but I think you saved our asses (at least for a while) against a Sears Tower demolition. I have little doubt the Mossad/neocon factions are plotting Plan B. And there's no way Obama has the wherewithal or even the foreknowledge to stop it...

Thanks again,

Theresa Mitchell
Host, Presswatch
KBOO FM (90.7), Portland

On Mon, 2/16/09, Captain May replied:

link to audio
web.archive.org/web/20120122003120/ http://kboo.fm/audio/download/4236/refiner%27s%20fire.mp3

don't think anyone believes she's a right winger so much as a complete idiot who falls for right wing conspiracies and therefore is unqualified to be involved in a leftwing radio station, much less as an expert on propaganda

Be nice ! I can completely confirm the truth of this newer version of the 20.Sep.2019 19:48


Hey! Be nice to Theresa! I can completely confirm the truth of this newer version of the story!

...There I was on one side of the restaurant, and NO ONE told me the investigator would be there, trying to eat and they were totally shouting this conversation so loud everyone in the restaurant could hear! Some people got up and left! The manager came out TWICE to ask them to pipe down! I mean it was REALLY loud and stuff!

THEN because I thought, boy Theresa won't believe this , I got my camera out and zoomed in for a photo. Things REALLY got exciting after that! The manager told me I couldn't just take pictures of anyone without their permission! I told her what we were all told at Kboo that it was public.. And she was like, nuh uh, it was PRIVATE property and I had to knock it off or leave. How rude!

So anyway that's totally a true thing that happened. I just don't know why Theresa waited so long before telling everyone this gross invasion of privacy...on private property that no one would have known about if she hadn't blogged repeatedly about the event.

Oh well.

... .

HEY Theresa? Cellphone camera's can't zoom. The "zoom" function is a fancy crop, it doesn't have high resolution. So unless you can produce a photo, clearly from across the "other side of the restaurant" (with faces pixilized out of course) your "operative" was sitting very close to these people on purpose. And if your "friend" was using a real camera, it would be so damn obvious s/he would have been thrown out of the restaurant.


... 20.Sep.2019 22:11


Anne-Marie Rupert, with computer, loudly "investigates" claims by Christie Ann Stobie in the PK restaurant, Portland

that is NOT on the other side of the restaurant 21.Sep.2019 08:35


That's a table nearby.
Christ Mitchell can you tell the truth about anything?
You keep saying 600 signatures and they aren't even 580. Some people say you only needed 200 and you got that so whatever, but why keep lying that it's 600?
Because Theresa needs to be seen as the mostest radial that ever radicaled.

Re right-wing propaganda

I disagree with the comment she's too dumb to know what she's doing. This was the same ghost troop that radicallzed a man to shoot up the Holocaust museum and kill a human being. That's the price of pushing racist right wing garbage. People get killed. And Mitchell helped with that. Years later she's not sorr for enabling this crap. Now she tries tosay people calling her a right wing operative. Lol who talks like that? Theresa talks like that. In 2013 tm called Ed Krause a mossad agent. Showing Theresa has a toxic facination with anti semitism and blaming Jews. She invited a dangerous element into kboo and put poc at risk just to score some edgy points.

It's always projection with these people. Theresa's buddies Roger Noehgren and Tim Calvert, all members of the Portland 911 truther group, were exposed as Holocaust deniers by Rose City Antifa after 25 years of posing as left radical warriors. They founded city bikes and laughing horse books as fronts. No onek ew. Ani and Theresa are hitting that resistance grifter wall at 20 years.

Stalking Lynn Fitch in 2013 should have been a warning for kboo. Now Mitchell is stalking investigators into her wife's bad behavior, stalking and doxing members who disagree with her and threatened to doc the station manager. Then she stupidly expects people to believe ALL she meant was vetting.
BULL CRAP. If you really didn't know that doxing means digging up personal details to be used to harassment then it's time to retire your show and leave kboo since you are a menace to yourself and others.

It's going to happen sooner or later. You can go gracefully or be driven out like the lying grifting thug you are.

Tick tock mutherfuckers

Contact Thai PK on Macadam 22.Sep.2019 10:05


Thai PK wants to know about people like Theresa and her friends stalking their customers.
Not sure how that's going to hep KBOO, but Ruban Lawrence would probably be happy to explain Theresa's behavior is not condoned by KBOO.