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The Great Ecumene of the Churches against Capitalism

The pope judges this economy: "This economy kills." It does not kill always and everywhere but more often than one thinks since the killing can be simply ignored.

The poor and marginalized are subjects in the process of their liberation, not objects of state care.

The pope admits a "holy anger" over the "dominant economic system." "The person is only sought as a consumer... and becomes a commodity, an object disposed of like "trash" or "waste" [EG]. The concrete exploited person is marginalized and impoverished and thrown away like rubbish... Technical progress or the international division of labor makes persons superfluous and excludes them from working life. At the end, they simply do not belong to society any more. Exclusion is a structural part of the system and not merely an unfortunate misunderstanding (Bauman 2005)...

The shared conviction of all the churches is that the dominant economic system is an "unjust system" [OL] and "unjust in its roots" [EG]. Persons on both the right and the left refuse to believe the fundamental criticism of the churches. Instead of taking up these impulses from the ecumene, German churches react in a terrible provincial way as though this great ecumenical agreement on the world plane never happened... The market economy is celebrated as the "best possible system." The state should only cushion the disastrous consequences and not intervene in the economic process any more... From a beast of prey, capitalism could become a working or domestic animal. The churches in Germany do not take note of the broad ecumenical agreement or reach the level of the ecumenical debates. Therefore, they are provincial. On one hand, the churches create confusion and on the other hand strive for peace and quiet where indignation over the conditions would be appropriate...

Second ecumenical agreement:
Capitalism as idolatry and destructive religion...

That greed for money and mammon are ethically neutralized and even applauded as a dynamic factor of the economy is typical for the modern age. When the Bible speaks of idolatry, we could ask which man-made institutions oppress people. Idolatry is an analytical-system category in a theological-ethical language. The money-system of mammon rules when money-multiplication is accepted and concretely realized as the highest goal. In this sense, the mission declaration of Busan characterizes the present as "a global system defined by mammon that protects the boundless growth of the rich and powerful through boundless exploitation." The idolatry criticism decries the dominant and secret religion in capitalism, the unlimited capital multiplication.

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New values, priorities and consciousness 15.Sep.2019 12:05


When Bill Gates walks in the room, the median wealth skyrockets! The three richest Americans have more wealth than 160 million because financial capitalism and the casino economy rely on tax havens, micro-second trading, tax avoidance and insider trading! These market distortions are taboo subjects like the five children under 10 who die of malnutrition every minute! Nothing to see here!. The market isn't self-healing and doesn't create living-wage jobs automatically. That myth is burned into us by conventional economics departments and the media driven by profit-maximization!

The media give platforms to football. celebrity news and the two-headed snakes! Economic growth falls for all industrial countries. Information technology and robotics make labor super-productive and change economic reality. How can the gains of productivity be shared and not hoarded by the super-rich? What are the arguments against a four-day work week?

Inequality hurts - and kills- and all countries must discover new priorities and values to replace the neoliberal myths and fairy-tales. Pope Francis and the ecumene challenge us to see the poor as subjects in their liberation process and not objects of state care and to see the state as the embodiment of the public interest and not a bonus pot for special interests and private interests!

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INFINITE STIMULUS! ready for more NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES? 17.Sep.2019 02:10


printing euros and dollars out of thin air by adding Zeroes to a private central bank's computer screen....

quantitative 'easing'



Today History Was Made.. Did You Miss It? | Negative Interest Rates United States Policy

link to steemit.com


#DonTheCon Trump becomes the first president in US History to say that he wants interest rates below zero. Congrats


The Pope is a hypocrite 17.Sep.2019 10:26


So the pope has "holy" anger toward the dominant economic system? Is holy anger somehow more righteous than regular anger? Does he breath righteous fire or something whereas us normal folks do not?

The Vatican's wealth is estimate at 10-15 billion, with enormous investments in the stock markets:  link to nymag.com

Pope Francis also, coincidentally, has been pimping for the globalists and their mass migration agenda.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/22/world/europe/pope-francis-migrants-salvini.html
He claims to care about those poor downtrodden migrants but guarantee he won't acknowledge the connection between population growth and a growing stock market, which also means a healthy Vatican portfolio. Like all mass migration pimps, the Pope says that allowing mass migration from the 3rd world to the 1st is somehow a "solution" to world problems but won't ask the question "What are the forces causing them to migrate"? Those kind of questions actually challenge the paradigm of power in this world and the Pope couldn't do that because the Vatican and Catholic church is one of the props holding it up.

Along with promoting world overpopulation through mass migration the true policies of the Catholic Church fights family planning in the 3rd world, female empowerment and protection of the environment. As the CEO of Vatican Inc. Pope Francis does his job safeguarding the wealth and power of the church. Ideals of economic, environmental and human justice are just pretty words on his lips.

Don the Con is right but Hillary the hustler would have been no better 17.Sep.2019 14:36


Interest rates plunged to near zero long before Donny boy was elected, negative interest rates are an inevitable result of the insane idea that pumping fiat money into the economy is some kind of economic solution. It creates stock market bubbles that benefit the bangsters and inside traders but also drives inflation and debt. Hillary's economic plan was to tax the rich but a more careful analysis of her plans reveal that the middle class would end up paying (big surprise) for her pie in the sky ideas:  https://www.fxcm.com/za/insights/what-could-happen-to-us-dollar-if-hillary-clinton-wins-presidential-election/
The shearing of the middle class moves inexorably forward no matter what Presidential candidate gets elected, we just have to decide which one does the least damage along the way.