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SAVE KBOO! Members vote in the Annual Meeting on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019.

calling all kboo members! please plan to attend the annual meeting this saturday, september 14, 2019 at noon, at the clinton street theater! we need your votes and participation!

We want to revive and strengthen our beloved VOLUNTEER-POWERED, NON-COMMERCIAL, LISTENER-SPONSORED, FULL-STRENGTH COMMUNITY RADIO STATION. In the past year, the current board leadership has taken actions in secret, mismanaged KBOO's money, and created a hostile work environment at KBOO. It's imperative that we put an end to this and restore KBOO to its mission, vision, and program charter—see https://kboo.fm/about-kboo.

We endorse incumbents Ruba Leech and KatMeow Garcia, who have served with integrity through a deeply difficult period for the station.

We also endorse Emma Lugo, Laurie Mercier, and Theresa Mitchell for positions on the board of directors. Though there are only four positions on the ballot, three additional board positions have become open due to resignations, so our hope is that all six candidates will be seated between the board meeting and the annual meeting.

[We mourn the passing of Sue Bartlett, longtime KBOO member, volunteer, and former board member, who would have been an excellent board member again.]

The candidates we support have devoted years as volunteers for KBOO, as programmers, board members, producers, engineers, interviewers, pledge-drive contributors, and staff.  As board members, Emma Lugo, Laurie Mercier, and Theresa Mitchell are committed to solving current problems: 

Problem 1: Disregard for KBOO core values and bylaws

We plan to restore core values of inclusion and collaboration; and govern ourselves according to our bylaws, which our members developed and which have served us well for 50 years. We also want to add mentoring for new board members to create a more nurturing and joyful environment. We need a more stable and long-lived board.

Problem 2: Lack of transparency

We plan to return to openness, collaboration and invite participation, and end top-down management, intimidation, secret meetings, and plans.

Problem 3: Irresponsible and unauthorized spending of KBOO funds

We plan to stop the financial bleeding which threatens KBOO's very existence and reach out to the KBOO community for additional financial support.

Problem 4: Disrespect for workers and union rights

We want collaboration, not intimation! We will end the removal of staff and volunteers who are resisting the takeover and ensure that everyone who works at KBOO supports KBOO's mission, vision and program charter.

Problem 5: Lack of appreciation of the volunteers and support for KBOO's Committees

Volunteers produce 80% of KBOO programing, and their connections in the Portland community—the people they know, the people who like their shows—generate a substantial part of our financing. We pledge to work to rebuild KBOO's committees and restore KBOO volunteers to major roles in KBOO policy and decision making. We will work to involve all board members who make policy, in the committees and in daily process of producing 24/7/365 radio.

Problem 6: Neglect of the Beloved Community process

We will pick up and carry forward the lessons learned from the Beloved Community workshops on race, white privilege, and empowerment.

Whatever their motivations, current board leadership has deeply harmed KBOO and we must replace them as soon as possible. We plan to break the cycle of crisis by examining our vulnerabilities and drawing on community resources to help us become resilient and resist takeovers.

As you may know, we asked for signatures on a petition to remove the president and vice president of the board. Signatures have now been validated on the petition, and this enables us to hold a special meeting to vote to remove them. Per bylaws, the board must set the day, time and place--and we hope that, with new board members, this can be done soon.

This board has suffered from a lack of quorum. We aim to resolve that issue.   A full board of twelve, without vacancies, will better be able to make a quorum, share work, communicate with members, volunteers, and staff, and avoid bad decisions.

The general election on September 14 will choose FOUR board members.  If you are a KBOO member, you can help us by voting for our endorsements. Ballots can be found online here: https://kboo.fm/blog/74745 (near the bottom of the page).  If you are not yet a member, you can donate and become one here: https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E9988&id=1

Come to the Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 14 to vote for board candidates!


For more information about the issues, please see the petition: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/keep-kboo-true-to-its-values.html

For more information about all the board candidates, please see the KBOO board page: https://kboo.fm/blog/74745

homepage: homepage: http://https://savekboo.com/

Ani Haines is the Harvey Weinstein of KBOO 15.Sep.2019 10:29

the news they don't want you to know

The truth is this latest Theresa Mitchell created drama was a vindictive attempt to run off the board that fired her wife Ani Haines over credible accusations of sexual harassment. After years of Ani claiming to smash the patriarchy it makes people wonder how many victims are out there.

But even though Theresa won a seat on the board, she failed to bring a mob large enough torun off the people she wanted. Worse she talked trash about Ruba and Katmeow, both of whom were also elected.

Then Theresa went on Twitter to mock the concerns of someone convinced they're target's of racism. Nice way to dismantle white supremacy Mitchell!

This was all hysterical fear mongering and everyone who signed that petition got played.

BTW unless each sig can be confirmed as kboo member that petition of barely 560 names isn't worth the virtual paper it's printed on.


No quorum, no ballot results 15.Sep.2019 17:00


Read the KBOO bylaws. There was no quorum, so no business could occur. Holding the election is part of the business of the annual meeting. No quorum, no one is yet elected to the Board.

other side? 15.Sep.2019 17:07

den mark, Vancouver WA

Drama at KBOO is legendary, & decades old. I've stopped paying much attention, because the station barely knows that my city exists, & i'm busy here. In this present dramatic chapter, why are we north of the River not hearing from the ones targeted by the recall, like via this IMC medium.

Theresa Mitchell's Hysteria Impresses No One 16.Sep.2019 09:55


1. Theresa Mitchell aimed to vote out the ENTIRE board for supposed crimes THAT ALMOST NO ONE ELSE CARES ABOUT. But Mitchell's hysteria was not enough to get the quorum of members she needed to carry out her plan. Out of approximately 5000 members, only 150 showed up, far short of what she needed.

2. Mitchell claims is she got 600 signatures on this petition. She did not get 600 signatures. Repeat, Mitchell's claim is that she got 600 signatures. She did not. What else is she lying about?

@den mark 16.Sep.2019 10:24


What other side? How dare you dismiss sexual harassment as drama! Ani spent decades building herself up as a feminist champion and now this! Apparently Theresa plans to use her position on the board to get access to Ani's victim? Disgusting!
If you've seen Theresa's savekboo schtick you know what her side is. Smear people with lies and claim there's a big corporate conspiracy.

It's tired and tasteless. When drama is your go-to after two decades it's a lifestyle choice. It's time for Theresa and her goons to follow Ani out the door.

Ani Haines sexually harrassed someone? 16.Sep.2019 17:01


Can you share more? This is a serious charge. A situation that needs transparency. Would sure like to know more about what is really going on with this.

Doesn't the community need to know more?

Kyle Brun, your agenda is showing 17.Sep.2019 15:42

Theresa Mitchell

Interesting that the continued defamation of the former volunteer coordinator is included in the comments here. Since she is no longer at the station, I can't see the value of continuing that effort, unless it is a personal vendetta of some sort.

In fact KBOO has acknowledged publicly that no wrongdoing was found against Ani. This despite a fishing expedition that sought to find any foible over a period of 18 years of employment.

Both Ruben and his personally selected station manager hire are pretending that they fear for their safety. There has never been a history of violence at KBOO, and there is no threat of violence there now.

I have noticed that bullies often pretend that any complaint or contention against their aggression is injurious or a threat.

I also noticed that transgender women are often accused of being loud or violent. That is not because we are actually particularly loud or violent, but because our existence is seen as a transgression in the first place, and is often pretended that we are deranged-- indeed, that our gender expression is a manifestation of mental illness. This is simply bigotry. The facts do not support it.

The "violent" Membership meeting

@Theresa Mitchell 10.Jan.2020 10:55


Theresa, your apology to KB on social media will look like you mean it when the garbage you published on indymedia and Twitter are removed. You should get on that. It's been months now. Stop acting like a child.