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911: The Most Fakt News of All

Trump's craziness makes every Democratic candidate seem like a knight on a white horse. But what about that elephant in the corner?
Where's Waldo?
Where's Waldo?
No matter who it's going to be, the Democratic candidates for President all agree on one thing: Osama Bin Laden was solely responsible for the greatest attack on America since Pearl Harbor. They all go along with the cover-up and totally false narratives that continue to hide and destroy the awful truth behind that day. The towers were designed and built to withstand multiple jet collisions without being destroyed. The interior was not a hollow shell, but a steel beam woven grid containing the largest girders and beams ever built. It never "collapsed" like a stack of pancakes. It was instantly fried by some type of weapon that dissolved the structure in mid-air, leaving a small pile of rubble where there should have been the entire remains of these humongous buildings. They don't show the collapse on mainstream TV anymore either. It's so obvious this was some kind of controlled demolition. And The Pentagon! Just look at those early photos and it's "Where's Waldo?" as far as any wreckage is concerned. The lawn is pristine. Where are those six ton titanium engines? Where's the 40 foot tail section? Where is the debris strewn for a hundred yards like in any other jet crash known to mankind? Why was every CCTV camera in the area confiscated and never returned? Just a bit of research into the Pentagon event will convince almost anyone that no jet ever crashed there. More like a missile fired from off-shore. Where's the video of the "hijackers" entering the airports? There's so many incongruous pieces and shaky conclusions based on no evidence. The huge torpedo-like appendages clearly visible on the jet's bellies as the flew into the towers. Sooo obvious. Flying the Bin Laden family out of the USA immediately afterwards. Give me a break. The most fake news since the Warren Commission was shoved down America's throat. So Bernie and Elisabeth and Pamela and Joe and Pete and the rest still genuflect before the altar of mass murder and Anthrax in the name of being real patriots. We know Trump knows what happened. Everyone in NY knows what happened despite the raving troll-isms of nut jobs like Peter King and Giuliani. So if you think a Democratic victory next year will save us all from the evil within- the evil that launched endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria all in the name of 911. That demonized an entire religion in the name of "Christian" values. That murdered over 3,000 innocent citizens in less than 60 seconds so they could keep the war machine going for ever and ever. The bullshit about 911 never ends. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

"huge torpedo-like appendages clearly visible on the jet's bellies" 20.Sep.2019 13:29

Give Us A ***KING Break

with ^ this Disinfo garbage.

an aircraft of some type hit the Pentagon. Based on thus far presented evidence from scene of that crime we are only 70 percent certain that it was a Boeing 757... but it is going to take a HUGE quantity of rock solid evidence to convince 100% that it was, somehow, NOT a Boeing 757 airliner.

Yes there remain gigantic anomalies concerning the official 9/11 'story'. But "appendages clearly visible [<--- LOL!!] on the jet's bellies" is not getting anyone, anywhere. RE: remote control of the WTC NYC airliners accomplishing their flight into the towers YES ABSOLUTELY that is a near certainty; but they didn't require "torpedo-like appendages" from Area 51 to do so.

Go back on to your meds rAT.

lies 14.Oct.2019 17:11


The appendages are there for anyone to see. Certified by aircraft experts too. Fuck off.

POD 30.Nov.2019 10:08


If it's not a POD, what the hell is it??????
clearly visible pod
clearly visible pod