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Company Whose Logo Resembles Swastika: Diversity = Strength, Trump Remarks "Offensive"

A message from our CEO Tim Boyle: We believe that diversity is one of the great strengths of our country. It is important to be open and welcoming toward individuals of all backgrounds. Telling any citizen to "go back home" is offensive. This is home. pic.twitter.com/ilmSiiE1d6

Columbia Sportswear (@Columbia1938) July 20, 2019
Columbia Sportswear Company was founded in 1938 by Paul Lamfrom, the father of current chairperson Gert Boyle. The company is headquartered in Cedar Mill, an unincorporated area in Washington County, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area near Beaverton.

sure buddy 21.Jul.2019 14:43


you should get your eyes checked if you think that resembles a swastika

Now THIS! IS OFFENSIVE! 21.Jul.2019 15:34

Tracy Mapes


( for "." ) Interestingly enough, it is addressed on their Wikipedia page. 21.Jul.2019 18:08


The company logo has been noticed to resemble a swastika, but the fact that the company was founded by German Jews who fled Nazi Germany can be considered proof enough that the logo is not inspired by the Nazi symbol.



Why does the Columbia Sportswear logo look like it has a hidden swastika in it?

An Amazon customer identified as "Adam Brand" wrote to the company about their logo. Here's an excerpt from the response attributed to a Columbia spokesperson:

Thank you for you contacting Columbia Sportswear! I apologize if there appeared to be any resemblance to something as offensive as the Swastika. It is actually a zoomed in look at woven threads. This represents that Columbia puts the highest priority in making the very best product and "Toughest Tested" product possible! It supposed to convey that we put quality and functionality at the forefront of our process by having a image of fabric as our logo.

The response also noted:

Any resemblance to something so offensive was never intended! In fact Our chairmen Gert Boyle's parents fled Nazi Germany in 1938. Her family was German Jewish, and her fathers company was seized by the government, causing them to come to America. I truly believe she would have nothing to do with that symbol, for what it stood for, or how it treated her family.

Source: Amazon.com: Questions And Answers: Why did Columbia have to make a logo that looks so much like a swastika?