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Can Jo Ann Hardesty be Impeached?

She is bad for the people of Portland and should step down.
Does she still support "No Snitch"? That's a policy where you don't cooperate with Police, even if you've witnessed a violent crime.

More Jokes 19.Jul.2019 15:34


What is this cop talking about

I recommended to you all: not to vote for her in the first place 19.Jul.2019 16:35


( By the way, I also transcribed/reported that debate between her and the opposition candidate - look on the Newswire archive for it )

Hardesty is just plain a weird person. Years of hearing her on KBOO taught me that. I'm aligned with some of what she has proposed / thinks about politics and municipal issues and her heart is in the right place (I guess...) but almost invariably, everything she proposes to actually _do_ about any issue in particular is utterly weird, divisive, ineffectual or a combination of all 3 of <-- those.

RE: "don't cooperate with Police" how 'bout don't *_INTERACT_* 19.Jul.2019 16:44


with the Poh-Leeeze


i.e. don't call the police, don't look at the police, don't be anywhere near the police, don't occupy similar physical or electronic space with the police, don't THINK about the police


don't CARE about the Police.

Police have zero role in our society. Oh wait except to enforce the State upon you the free citizen.

RE: physical defense of your own lives / personal space and health, you can use self defense training and weapons to accomplish that on your own.

No need for police whatsoever.

Jo Ann @ the debate video 19.Jul.2019 17:05

Won my Vote

Jo Ann won that debate hands down
So you transcribed it .. Cool!

Here is the debate video link

We are lucky to have her onboard

agreed she (relatively speaking...) 'won' the Candidates Forum 19.Jul.2019 19:29


expressed herself well.

Also the local Media definitely was slanted in an anti-Hardesty direction right after the forum.

Here's my review/transcription after watching video :