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KBOO Board meeting Monday

There will be a public KBOO Board meeting, Monday July 22, 6PM, at 20 SE 8th in Portland
For those of you seeking a return to democratic process and respect for Bylaws and policy at KBOO: come to the KBOO Board meeting, Monday July 22, 6PM, at 20 SE 8th in Portland.

For details, go to savekboo.org

homepage: homepage: http://savekboo.org

Text of save boo 19.Jul.2019 20:30

Theresa Mitchell

This coming Monday, there will be a public monthly Board meeting at KBOO, 20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. That's Monday the twenty-second of July, 2019. I need you to attend. Here's why.

I need to tell you right now that KBOO is in great danger. I've heard via friends on KBOO Staff that the new manager says KBOO is not going back to the way that it was. But the "way KBOO was" is cooperative, communitarian, village based Community Radio, where people- volunteers and Staff- feel comfortable throwing in an extra effort, in the knowledge that we are all in it together, and that we are equals.

That is exactly why we have survived for so long. Now I need to tell you, from public sources, what is going on with the attempt to smear and fire the volunteer coordinator, Ani, my spouse. Ani has always put in the extra effort at the station, and I can tell you from personal experience that there have been many many nights, in which she stayed up to make sure some event-or a Pledge Drive- was properly staffed. When I say 'stayed up nights,' I stay up I mean just about all night.

That level of dedication, and her cheerful availability to volunteers from every walk of life, made her a beloved icon of KBOO. But she also has taken pains to memorize KBOO history, policies, Bylaws, and customs, so that she has been an invaluable asset to Board members and other Staff over the years. Naturally, she also became a Union steward. And that is why, in my opinion, she has been targeted for a mysterious "investigation" by the persons who arrogated the manager's power at KBOO.

The corporate HR person that was hired, a certain Miss Rupert, was photographed and overheard at PK Restaurant, more than a month ago, attempting to dig out decades-old information about Ani. So this is public information, and it is not a matter of me breaking the confidentiality of the investigation. The Investigator herself did that!

To add to that now-public information: this HR expert then posted on her LinkedIn profile that she had been conducting an 18-year investigation. This flies in the face of what we were told, that there was some emergent circumstance that required Ani be removed from the station. (In case you don't already know Ani has been removed on paid leave, and has not been allowed to even do her weekly broadcast, Positively Revolting talk radio.)

Again, this is public information that am relating here. This is happening because the President and Vice President of the board of directors at KBOO inappropriately seized the managerial power more than six months ago. They rammed through the hire of an interim station manager aligned with their intent. This person probably intends to fire Ani, and if and when she does, it will wreck the good relations that the station depends on for everything that it does, including the Pledge Drive, which is coming up.

Imagine trying to raise funds for an institution that you know has turned on its own workers, and is trying to institute a corporate hierarchy of intimidation. That is what is at stake. Imagine how I feel, after having poured out my heart to listeners to pledge money for nearly thirty years now, knowing that thousands of dollars has been spent to pay for an "investigation" so indiscreet that my sexual choices and even my dead-name was shouted out loud at a restaurant.
There is a petition going around for a general membership meeting, in which we can democratically remove Ruben Lawrence and Danielle Parks from the board. This is very necessary, because though they have been confronted with angry crowds over this issue for the last three Board meetings, they cling to power. Frankly, I believe that if this is not done , the station will be destroyed.

If this situation is not put to rights, it will be the end of KBOO, and if it survives at all with its principal source of fundraising crippled, it will become a meaningless boutique station. Dozens of volunteers will quit in protest of the treatment of Ani. The Pledge Drive will feel like a funeral.

So again, to the point: you must, so to speak, come to the barricades now, and save KBOO. Please continue to make your monthly contribution.

But do not fail to come to the board meeting on the 22nd, and do not fail to come to the general membership meeting where we will be forced to seize power.

No quorum? Maybe. But SIGN THE PETITION 19.Jul.2019 20:48


There is word there may not be quorum at the Monday night meeting. If that is the case, we KBOO members will use the space to expose the malfeasance, misappropriation, and mendacity that has led us to confront the Board at every monthly meeting since April. More than five hundred people have signed the petition to remove Ruban and Danielle via a Special Meeting of the Members. That is apparently the route we will have to take.

There is only one motion in order absent quorum, according to (Bylaws mandated) Robert's Rules of Order: a motion to set the time and place of the next meeting.

Here is the url for the petition:  https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/keep-kboo-true-to-its-values.html?fbclid=IwAR3CCjv5_Ndl1zh49J3Ad1Jy690imEwZbchvFqcm0wWcqdhGFgEotUujPMg