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"We Gotta Get Out of this Place"

Bourgeois theorists have always believed capitalism to be "everlasting" because, they claim, it is in accordance with "human nature." For them, all crises are only cyclical and transient: they are understood to be the result of imbalances between supply and demand, or are even praised as a form of "creative destruction." This interview on www.exit-online.org, 2/23/2016.
Jappe: Bourgeois theorists have always believed capitalism to be "everlasting" because, they claim, it is in accordance with "human nature." For them, all crises are only cyclical and transient: they are understood to be the result of imbalances between supply and demand, or are even praised as a form of "creative destruction." For Marxists, capitalism is transitory and doomed to be overcome one day, but its abolition was always expected to be the result of the revolutionary actions of the working class or some other organized adversary. The possibility that capitalism might have inner limits that would be reached was almost never really taken into consideration after Marx's death. When mainstream Marxism predicted a final collapse, it always assumed that this would take the form of a political revolution that would result from the intolerable conditions created by capitalist exploitation. There is, however, a very important factor that was not considered: the shrinking of the mass of value (and profit) in the long run that I mentioned before. This problem appeared only in a limited way: the fall of the rate of profit.

After capitalism was able to successfully incorporate immanent critiques into itself, particularly during the Keynesian-Fordist boom that followed the second World War, many Marxists became definitively convinced that capitalism would never encounter another economic crisis and that only subjective discontent could bring about its overcoming. The Situationists, like the Frankfurt school, held completely to this perspective. As I mentioned before, however, this totally changed after the 1970s. The accumulation of capital reached its limits because its base, the extraction of surplus value from living labor, became smaller and smaller as the importance of living labor continuously waned. The result is that capitalism is now only able to survive through simulation; that is, by anticipating future profits—which will never arrive—through credit. The Critique of Value has been saying this since 1987. In the 1990s, empirical evidence seemed to go against this argument, but after 2008 everyone has started talking about how profound the crisis is. The reality is that 2008 was just a foreshock of the crisis of capitalism and it was in no way a real collapse. Even on the left and the radical left, however, belief in the ever-lasting life of capitalism is surprisingly strong!

It is very common to see the crisis blamed on financial markets choking the "real economy." The truth is the complete opposite: credit alone allows the continued simulation of value-production—which means profit—once real accumulation has come to an almost complete stop. Even the massive exploitation of workers in Asia contributes very little to the global mass of profit. Replacing the critique of capitalism with the critique of financial markets is pure populism and simply means avoiding the real questions. The real drama is that everybody is still forced to work in order to live, even when labor is no longer needed in production. The problem is not the greed of specific individuals—even if this greed obviously exists—and it cannot be resolved on a moral basis. Bankers and their ilk—who, it cannot be denied, are very often clearly unpleasant figures—are only carrying out the blind laws of a fetishistic system that must be criticized as a whole.

Kurz calls this process the "desubstantialization of money."

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Life, Liberty, Death and the Illuminati 15.Jul.2019 14:58

Tracy Mapes

This is a Theory that the Long Standing Belief that Mankind has been Ruled by some group Known as the Illuminati is Not Only Plausible ...But that the Manipulation is Not of Man's Doing, But that it is ONE of a 4th Dimensional, a Death and Spiritual Nature, both Mis-Understood and Un-Recognized by Man.

And Also, has to do with The Naming Conventions of Families, Objects throughout History, that Are of a Created by Both Predestinational Intent, and Also Tell the Story of Man's Manipulation through Dictionary entry and Bible Passage.

That the Slavery of the Human Race is Not Only Pre-Planned, it is Done to ensure the Suffering of Death, Destruction and Lust are Always included, as the Spirit World of the Dead Reap Destruction upon Mankind like it was the Very Food and Nutrition that Feeds the 4th Dimension.

Like Trolls on an Internet Blog, "They" Salivate for the Suffering of Man.


Showing up upon Our Country's Liberty Bell, under the Names - Pass & Stow and Lester & Pack. Meaning that the Slavery is Accomplished through Ruining Lives by Disenfranchising the Individual Who would be So Bold as to Challenge the Status Quo and Power Structure through Poisoning of Arsenic and Mercury to Destroy Their Enemies.

Ostracized from the Opportunities and Bounties of Societal Interaction. To Absorb and Hide any Evidence that the Political Miscreant (See: Molester - LESTER) could be bring Civility to the Un-Civilized Destruction Feeding the Secret Society, by PACK-ing Away the Worldly Goods of All Mankind.

Forced to PASS, and Disappear from Man's Knowledge and Memory the Dark Secrets that Cloak Its Mis-Doings, and STOW the Goods they have Collected Over a Lifetime, to Enrich Those who would Never Toil of Labor.

Often Associated with the Alliances of Masonic Temples, Freemasonry and the Hand Shakes that Force 90 % of the World to Work for Nothing. As describe by President John F. Kennedy to be a Monolithic Society that Relies on COVET Means to Enrich Itself, and Disable the Illuminary's Enemy from affecting Change that would Otherwise Enlighten to Common Man of Such Dastardly Ruin that is Borne Upon the People.

JFK - "For We are Opposed Around the World by a Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy that relies primarily on COVET Means for Expanding its Sphere of Influence — on Infiltration Instead of Invasion — on Subversion instead of Elections — on Intimidation Instead of Free Choice — on Guerrillas by Night instead of Armies by Day."

"It is a System which has Conscripted Vast Human and Material Resources into the Building of a tightly-knit, Highly Efficient Machine that combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political Operations. Its Preparations are Concealed - Not Published. Its Mistakes are Buried, not Headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No Expenditure is Questioned, No Rumor is printed, No Secret is Revealed"...


These People, So Affected ...Act in the Same Manner as the Days of Slavery. Inviting those Who have come on Hard Times, Only to Be further Destroyed in Secret by Poisoning and Destitution to Eliminate Influence and Acquiesce Both Their Person and Property, Only to Be Sold Off like Chattel at the Auction Block. Call it Modern Day Slavery, or Social Engineering - They Are Destroying Lives Every Day.

-Tracy Mapes-June 15, 2019