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From PDX AntiFascist Shakeback 6/29/19

Photos from the Portland counter rally against Proud Boy insurgents in downtown today. If ANY of these shitheels can be identified, that would be much appreciated!
Also, a few Portland pigs for good measure.

Also... 30.Jun.2019 02:31



The 81% Wage Class Fights It Out Over What? The 19% Salary Class Is Entertained! 30.Jun.2019 06:52


The 19% corporati will watch over avocado toast while the 81% impoverished peasants fight in the street over 'gender issues', 'white pride', Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. It makes the old Roman Empire look like a two-bit carnival.

Thug Life 1 vs. Thug Life 2 and Social Media Virtue Signaling in PDX 30.Jun.2019 10:04


That is all these circus events will ever be.

Proud Boy "insurgents" ?

"shitheels" ? [and RE: -->'identified'/Doxxed you'd better beware 'cause your Thug Life 2 counterparts are doing the exact same thing at every one of these... ]


RE: Proud Boy "insurgents" ? 30.Jun.2019 18:48


"Proud Boy "insurgents" ?"

CORRECT. Right-wing thugs who invade our city from Vancouver, Battleground, Ridgefield, etc.(mostly Vancouver). 'Insurgent' would be a correct description, sir.

RE: "insurgents" [sic] from Vancouver, Battleground, Ridgefield, etc. 01.Jul.2019 00:25


so (whether actual 'Proud Boys' or not)

persons who happen to live, reside, own or rent a domicile in Vancouver, Battleground, Ridgefield *and* also happen to work their regular day/night full time job in the City of Portland,

and there are many tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of those,

also do qualify as "insurgents" (by Your purported not-a-resident-here-in-PDX criteria)?