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poetically, prophetically descriptive of my life through capitalism......breaking babylonian barriers!
Before it's publish per "MAAAD FUNDAMENTAL." [Progress]


GOD is G-O-O-D! Many human beings refuse to acknowledge, and even ignore his ethreal existence. There are those who even form their own inner resistances to quite foolishly, feverishly formulate institutionalized establishments to eradicate him; on the very land he soul fully established for their person or person to be prosperous.

Man institutionalized, ignited wars to religiously rely on as wealth and refuge to "peace and prosperity". Fund-a-mentally speaking a single cent spent built into bills we call "dollars" ........funneled into false powers printed, and phrased: "IN GOD WE TRUST."

Satan suddenly is sent to see them amounts spent.......and how much WE are spent enough to need his very existence towards survival.

Greed to feed the need to live backwards, bathing, and birthing E-V-I-L. A mad boar of soap showering hope from souls bathed into a bank of their own blood, with bronzes to their bodies "bold" with gold!

At age 41 years of age, I simply continue to utilize "money" for it's intended purpose to be used for: S-P-E-N-T. [As per it's profitable purpose of its TRUE intent to our very lives and leisures.] Poverty or prosperity NEVER overwhelmed the other except numerically.

TRUE wealth is wearing within ourselves the amount of community. The means to make ends meet, day-to-day. Large rocks, boulders, and dams deterring waters at bay.

We, HUMAN beings decide the latter or the former to the extent of the latitude and longitude of the said above. Co-existence constantly the factor. Do we swim to each other to survive?

Or do we dwell only to ourselves to something wondering whether we will drown? Drained by it's drama......and the senseless silence to it like an unheard violin in violence.

PUBLICATION TO BE RELEASED BEFORE DECEMBER 25TH, 2019......before my biological father's birthday.

This Reminds Me... 28.Jun.2019 19:58


It really reminds me of that wild black preacher in the great film 'They Live'.

^ 'They Live' (John Carpenter) *found* my 2002 post to Newswire! 28.Jun.2019 23:54



author: directed by John Carpenter
18.Nov.2002 18:40

THEY LIVE (1988)
directed by John Carpenter


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