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heads up stoners: gummy bears have carcinogenic ingredients

This story is not new except that these carcinogens are now being found in THC-enhanced "gummy" candy, i.e. Eugene, Oregon's "Higher Ground" dispensary! Project Censored helped break the story back when (1990s) and it seems nothing has STILL been done! Psst, pass this around widely!
I first heard about this crap from reading Project Censored books back in the 1990s, I think it was. You might find some info on their website. However, for some reason I DID NOT find the info at their site. But as you can see from the google link below, there are quite a few other sites taking on the topic still. (Why has project censored taken it off their site, is the question!)

Oblivious to this poison being put in THC-enhanced "gummy" candies, such as "BHOmbChelly's Cannabis Infused Gummy (made in Oregon)", I recently purchased two packets for $6 each at the Higher Ground recreational dispendary on 12th and High Streets. Happening to read the ingredients, and OH NO!

The big question is, are these poisonous ingredients being deployed in a widespread way?

Some sources for the carcinogens (cancer causing ingredients) Yellow 5, 6 and Red 40:

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