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WE ARE THE 81%!!!

'Left' and 'Right' don't mean anything anymore. I come from the Autochthonous Left -- the Real Left (has nothing to do with so-called 'communism' -- has everything to do with human equality). I do NOT come from the ('charitable') Foundation 'Left' -- the Clinton 'Left' -- the Dem Party 'Left'. I don't hate Trump (Orange Man Baaaad!). He's no more than one more lesser evil from a long line of lesser evils. I want to march free from the agent provocateur Black Bloc or Antifa. I want to be FREE and EQUAL!!!

Right now there is a revolution happening in the United States, It's the 81% Wage Class up against the 19% Salary Class. We all certainly hope it remains non-violent, but what if it doesn't?
We must not fall for 'gun control' -- and we must never fall for ranked choice voting ('RCV'/'IRV')! Many astroturf organizations have huge bankrolls, but will stab us in the back at the end of the day. Examples are NPR, the NRA, the Dem Party (the Repubs are just the same), 'Fairvote', 'RepresentUs', the (CIA) National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and on and on.

Good people are out there right now struggling and suffering, fighting against the Judicial Mafia and the Facebook Mafia. We have a great hero standing up against the globalist corporati. He is a gentleman called James Fetzer. He is being threatened by the Connecticut State Police, and he is being sued for editing a great book (written by many famous authors). This book is 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook'. James Fetzer could accurately be described as 'politically agnostic. He is benevolent toward the gays and lesbians, for example, and especially, toward the 81%. Most Americans are actually strongly in favor of equality, and so, are actually among the Autochthonous Left -- the Real Left.

Because of three big law firms, the book 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook' is actually about to be censored in the entire United States! By July 1, it will be removed from circulation. But you can still buy one for a few more days (you know me and you know I have no financial interest here). It has already been de-platformed by Amazon, but for $20 + $5 shipping, you can get it at:


Also visit James' website, which features writers from the Autochthonous Left, and the Right, and many other things as well, at:


May the Truth be with you.

I'm with you, but nobody (else) cares 26.Jun.2019 19:28


Main problem :

people are so 'hard wired' to think and conceptualize about public affairs and politics in (illusory) 'Left' vs. 'Right' terms, that it is impossible to 'deprogram' them.

Social media is just as much (if not moreso... due to "categorize-&-Like" format inherent to its platform) to blame as any other form of media especially for the younger generation.

No one actually, or critically, thinks for themselves anymore. Or wants to; based on observed behaviors of people glued to their (social media) Mobile Devices.

In the United States at least, it's necessary for our populace not only to delegitimize and overthrow the overreaching Federal government bureacracy and its concomitant deep state, but also from an economic/financial angle to remove the so-called 'Federal Reserve' and its fiat currency stranglehold. Only <-- then can any sort of 'class struggle' or reapportionment of resources to blues' "81 percent" be achieved.

then of course, there's the events of 11 September 2001 (------------> eternal 'War On Terra')....

None of this has anything to do whatsoever with illusory 'Left'/'Right' politics, Pepsi vs. Coke electoral contests or career politicians.

Fwiw and Nota Bene, blues:
Fetzer is a *******d and disinformationalist hack with regard to the 'out-of-bounds' topics he's famous for espousing and expounding on.
Many other, far better researchers with better documentation and better-presented cases are out there. Fetzer's work belongs in a burn barrel. Garbage.