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22 June 2019: Trump Response To Question RE: Warmonger, NS Advisor John Bolton / Iran


On the way to Camp David today the president stopped to answer questions from the press about current events, Iran and other topics.

He was asked about policymaking input from his advisors including John Bolton. He was also asked the decision to hold back on air strikes in response to Iran's shoot-down  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/06/437575.shtml of a U.S. military drone, and in response proceeded to explain that (among other moral and ethical considerations "How many people will die?" / "I don't want to kill a hundred-and-fifty Iranians." / "I don't want to kill a hundred-and-fifty of anything or anybody.") his personal affiliation with Iranian Americans in New York contributed to the pause and consideration given to that decision.

at 4:00 in to the linked YouTube video, a reporter asks Donald Trump

"Mr. President, your National Security Advisor came under some harsh criticism [ *SEE -->  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/06/437560.shtml#461562 ] for pushing too hard on Iran. You said you're not a 'warmonger', but do you have confidence in the judgment of your National Security Advisor John Bolton?"

Trump responded
"Yeah I do, because I have John Bolton who I would definitely say is a hawk; and I have other people that are on the other side of the equation. And ultimately I make the decision so it doesn't matter. But I want for instance, I disagreed very much [referring to 2003 illegal Iraq invasion and military occupation] with John Bolton, his attitude on the Middle East and Iraq was going into Iraq, I think that was a big mistake; I think I've been proven right. I've been against that [Iraq invasion and military occupation] forever. John Bolton is doing a very good job, but he takes generally a tough posture. But I have other people that don't take that posture. But the only one that matters [with regard to final decision-making] is me. Because I'll listen to everybody. And I want people on both sides. Having people on both sides, to me, is very important."

Follow-on question, the reporter asks Donald Trump

"Can you clear something up? At what point were you briefed about the potential casualties of an Iran air strike? Were you briefed in the initial planning stages? At what point were you actually briefed [ ] "
[ In reference to reports that Trump declined to give military authority for launch of the strikes due to expected deaths of 150 persons in Iran ]

Trump then responded

"No, I started to hear that it [expected deaths/casualties] was a lot. But again, no decision was made. I said 'you come and see me'; and they came and see[sic] me at the time. We hadn't done anything. And I asked the question. And I said, 'I want to know that answer before I make a decision'. So we hadn't made a decision to go forward [authorizing air strikes]. I said, 'Everybody: we will meet. One thing I want to know, and I want to know it accurately, as accurately as possible: How many people will die?'

Just so you know: I come from New York City. In New York City we have a lot of Iranians. And they're great people. I have friends that are Iranians; many friends. Living in New York City, you meet many Iranians. They're very smart, they're very ambitious, they have tremendous they're high quality people. But I have many friends that are Iranian. I don't want to kill a hundred-and-fifty Iranians. I understand it. I don't want to kill a hundred-and-fifty of anything or anybody. Unless it's absolutely necessary. And most people very much agree with what I'm doing.

Now if the leadership of Iran behaves badly, then it's going to be a very, very bad day for them. But hopefully, they're smart and hopefully, they really care for their people and not themselves; and hopefully we can get Iran back on to an economic track that's fantastic, where they're a really wealthy nation. Which would be a wonderful thing. All those things I want to do. But if they're [Iran regime leaders] going to be foolish that's never going to happen."


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