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Calling for anti capitalist march to stop war on Iran.

Whos with me?
Portland used to get rowdy when wars were threatened in far away lands for the ruling capitalists to get richer. Remember how Portland got the name little Beirut? It was in opposition to the first gulf war in 1990.

Marching is Useless 17.Jun.2019 11:59

Tracy Mapes

March to Your TV Stations, Occupy, and then They Can't Escape You.

Go to the Mouth Pieces of the Monster that Confronts You.

going to advocate for / spread knowledge about 9/11? 17.Jun.2019 12:53



if you go out and protest / demonstrate against


you had better be prepared to investigate and demonstrate against the primary casus belli for it in the 21st century

Namely, the occurrences on 11th September 2001.


Otherwise your "anti capitalist" / antiwar demonstration is toothless.

( p.s., actual 'anti capitalism' IST VERBOTEN on Portland Indymedia. It'll be fine though if you make it a LGBTQWTFBB march down town, though and cloak it in an Antifa-coloured wrapper Then, all the Portland Hipsters will at least nod in tacit approval )

22 June 2019: Trump Responds RE: Warmonger, NS Advisor John Bolton / Iran 22.Jun.2019 16:25

Video and Quoted Transcript